How you can take away blood stains from a mattress: 12 suggestions


Blood stains are stubborn stains that are particularly dreaded, especially on a mattress where, like pee stains, they tend to leave rings. When you don’t have a mattress pad, you therefore begin to dread the moment of stain removal following small leaks that have occurred due to menstruation, bedbugs or an injury. If possible, they should be treated quickly to prevent them from becoming permanent. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t deal with dried blood. Indeed, there are grandma’s tips and tricks for removing blood stains from a mattress. So, if you’re wondering how to clean a blood-stained mattress with simple and effective solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

In the household products department, you will find a host of cleaning products, both natural and ecological and based on more harmful chemicals, cut for this household task. We have therefore listed here the most effective tips against blood stains.

1) Hydrogen peroxide, excellent for cleaning mattresses

Easy to find in any pharmacy, hydrogen peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide) is one of the most effective products for removing a soiled mattress. It is in particular a strong enough stain remover to remove blood stains from a mattress, bedding and white clothes. Just soak a cloth with this liquid and apply everything to the stain by dabbing. If necessary, repeat several times, clean with soapy water, then let dry.

2) Vinegar against blood stains on a mattress

To remove blood stains from a mattress, you can absolutely use this good old white vinegar! Just moisten a clean cloth with this eco-friendly cleaning product and dab the stain carefully.

Good to know: As far as possible, dab towards the inside of the stain. This will avoid extending it and creating unsightly halos.

3) Marseille soap to remove blood stains from your mattresses

Marseille soap flakes traditional soap flakes
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Dampen the stain with a sponge soaked in cold water. Then, rub your Marseille soap directly on the stain to form a kind of crust. Let it dry, then scrub everything with a damp brush. You will then only have to rinse.

Good to know: You can do the same with an ox gall soap.

4) An ice cube for removing a fresh blood stain

On a stain of blood, one must not never use hot water. It tends to set the stain. On the contrary, cold water thus allows a convincing stain removal. On a recent and still fresh stain, you can even use an ice cube to remove the bloody traces! To do this, simply rub the stain with the ice cube to completely dilute it.

Good to know: On a very recent small stain, you can also use your saliva!

5) Baking soda to remove blood from bedding

cleaning a mattress with baking soda
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Start by wetting the stain with cool water, then sprinkle the area to be treated with baking soda. Then add a little water over the white powder to form a thick paste. Leave on for an hour, then brush the area to remove red marks. Repeat as needed until the stain has completely disappeared.

6) Flour against blood stains on the mattress

We would never have thought to use it! Yet flour proves to be a surprisingly effective cleaning and stain-removing agent. To use it here, just mix some with water to make a semi-liquid paste. You can then apply it to the area to be treated and leave to act for a minimum of one hour. Then, scrub with a brush to remove product residue… and the stain underneath!

Good to know: You can do the same with talc or cornstarch.

7) Soda crystals for a ‘muscular’ stain removal

Soda crystals must be dissolved in hot water to allow their use. Once this is done, you can soak a clean, dry cloth with this solution and rub the various stains present on your mattress as well as the rings left by other products. It’s quite simple, these crystals eliminate them all ! This is a very effective solution, but think about the handle with gloves and to rinse with clean water after cleaning.

8) Household alcohol against blood stains on your mattress

Credits: Pixabay/Projekt_Kaffeebart

Dampen a cloth with a little rubbing alcohol and gently dab the stain. This trick works wonders on superficial stains !

9) Physiological serum, the unexpected trick against blood

Wet the stain with your pipette, then dab with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Finally, rinse and dry the cleaned area. Please note that this solution works great on recent stainsbut less on those that are older and encrusted.

10) Ammonia

Ammonia is a chemical use with caution, and in particular by opening the windows well to ventilate the room where the mattress is. Despite everything, we wanted to tell you about it, because it is a very effective solution against blood stains. All you have to do is glove your hands, soak a microfiber cloth with a few drops of this product and dab the red mark until it disappears.

11) Aspirin, an unusual way to remove traces of blood


Aspirin helps to whiten laundry and loosen it. To use it for this purpose on your mattress, simply slip an effervescent tablet into half a glass of warm water and soak the stain with this liquid. Leave for an hour, then use soapy water to clean the blood stain.

12) And finally, oven cleaner for a blood stain

The product for the oven is very corrosive. We therefore advise you to use it as a last intention and always with gloves. If the stain is small, spray it on your glove and rub directly. Otherwise, spray this cleaning product on the mattress and let it act for a few seconds. Finally, rinse with clean water using a sponge.

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