Methods to take away pen stains from garments? Infallible tips that you just have no idea


We are going to tell you how you can remove pen stains from clothes.

Those who mainly have children at home know that pens go far beyond they also attack clothes.

These tricks are effective in removing stains from clothes and fabrics. It is worth remembering that the techniques for removing pen stains are different.

Identify the type of stain:

The first step in removing a pen stain is to identify the type of pen that caused the accident.

This information is essential for choosing the right technique to remove the stain from the fabric.

The marker pen stain:

To remove the marker pen stain, use warm milk.

First, place a few sheets of paper towels under the stained fabric so you don’t risk spreading the stain to the other side.

Then, pour the hot milk over the stain and, once again, place another sheet of paper towel over the milk. This way it will absorb the paint which will come off the fabric.

The ballpoint pen stain:

For ballpoint pen stains, those everyday Bic type pens, the solution is a little different.

The first step is to soak a piece of cotton in alcohol.

Continue to pass the cotton over the stain until it comes off completely.

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