The way to take away scale from a bathroom bowl? Listed here are two nice strategies to make use of each day


Most people use hard water at home.

This causes a lot of trouble as their skin becomes dry, their hair becomes dull and yellowish lime stains appear in the toilet.

This last problem can be easily solved.

Discover this homemade trick to remove limescale from the toilet bowl.

How to remove limescale from the toilet bowl?

Method 1

Mix a glass of vinegar with a good quality lemon essential oil.

This blend removes stains, is antibacterial and keeps you smelling fresh.

Remove residue with an old sponge.

Mix the vinegar with the oil, use about 10 drops per glass.

Pour the solution into the toilet and spread it carefully inside the bowl.

Leave on for at least two hours (preferably overnight), then brush and rinse.

Clean your toilet once a week this way.

Advice :

If you heat the vinegar, it will have more cleaning power.

Method 2

Use citric acid.

Boil water with citric acid in the kettle. One packet of citric acid is enough for one liter of water.

Remove the water from the bowl and pour the hot solution into it.

Leave on for a few hours, then brush and rinse.

Which version do you choose?

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