Learn how to save a crushed snail whose shell is damaged?


Generally, snails are seen as a nuisance by gardeners. In the vegetable garden, they join the slugs to eat the plantations and do a lot of damage. Besides, your salads have not forgotten their last visit! But it’s stronger than you… When you see a snail accidentally crushed and survived despite its broken shell, your heart sinks. Indeed, one often has the impression that a snail without its shell has little chance of survival.

And with the torrential rains of autumn which they love, we suspect that these gastropods will have a bad time on our very busy sidewalks. Fortunately, it is quite possible to save them! It’s even really very easy with this little trick that we’re giving you today. Animal lovers, it’s up to you!

Rescue a crushed snail and take care of its broken shell

Injured snails don’t need much to recover quickly. The main thing they need is calcium to effectively repair their shell ! So, reserve a “hospitalization” box where your gastropod friend can stay safe. Then, slide in a nice lettuce leaf.

To provide calcium, reduce an eggshell very fine powder. Here, be very careful, because the pieces could hurt him. Moreover, we often use the pieces of shell to prevent them from approaching crops in the garden. So don’t skimp on mortaring. Then mix everything with wheat flour in a cup to slip into the box. If the snail is in bad shape, sprinkle everything around it to prevent it from climbing.

Credits: Pixnio/Color

Within a few days, the snail quickly drops its shell and forms a new one. From then on, it can be released into the wild!

However, note that the repair is more difficult in snails with the apex (center) affected… Unfortunately, his chances of survival then become more limited. However, it’s worth trying this easy technique using flour and eggshell to help him out. Save the crushed snails by repairing their shell!

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