the best way to save vitality (and cash) in 8 suggestions


Whether it is to cook a nice little comforting dish or to brown sweet pastries for a snack, the oven is one of the most popular household appliances in French kitchens. However, with a consumption of 1000 kWh per year on average per household (about 30 €), it is also one of the equipment that consumes the most energy, thus causing higher bills. And given the constantly rising prices of electricity and gas, it is better to take the lead and not consider these expenses as negligible. In addition, it is sometimes enough to adopt real good habits to save very easily and simply. Here are the tips and reflexes to adopt to save energy with your oven.

1) Start by choosing your device carefully

If your energy-intensive appliance is getting old or you need to buy a new one, it may be time to invest in a new oven, and not just any oven if you want to save money on the longer term! The first thing to check is its energy consumption. Indeed, a appliance rated A++ or A at least will offer you better profitability than a lower rated oven. This mention will guarantee consumption of less than 0.800 kWh against 1 kWh for the most energy-consuming ovens.

Moreover, it is better to turn away from traditional heat ovens in favor of a convection oven. The advantage of the latter is that it allows a more uniform and shorter heating. Finally, be aware that the gas oven is on average twice as energy efficient as the electric oven.

2) Turn off the oven a little before the end of cooking to save money

Credits: Pimasuro / Pixabay

At the end of cooking, the oven remains very hot for a long time, even when turned off. So don’t hesitate to turn it off and leave the door closed during the last minutes of cooking. Your dish will finish cooking quietly and you will thus save energy.

3) Don’t give in to the temptation to open the oven too often

With the good smells that emanate from it and the impatience that rises under the impulse of hunger or gluttony, we keep opening the oven door, ready to draw our oven mitt to take out the dish and devour it. ! The problem is that opening the door too much encourages heat loss. As a result, the oven consumes more, because it must heat up to bring the tank back to the right temperature. Prefer to limit the openings, in particular by following the instructions of your recipe and relying on the visual glimpsed through the glass.

4) Do not use the oven for nothing to save money

The oven is much more energy-intensive than other means of cooking. Also, it is better to avoid using it systematically, and especially if there are dishes you can dispense with. There are many recipes without an oven, even for the preparation of pastries or desserts. And to reheat the dish of the day before, perhaps the microwave or the pan are options that are quite feasible?

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