the right way to simplify life at dwelling?


With the return of fall and the challenges of the new school year, your daily life has taken on the air of a whirlwind. The hours go by… In order not to end the year (or even the month?) on your knees, it is urgent to review your organization! Here are three main lines of action to finish the job without exhausting yourself.


Impeccable windows, clothes without a crease, 100% homemade meals: what if you overdo it? To always have a well-kept house AND keep time for you, it can be essential to lighten household chores. A short list of changes that work well:

  • Stop (totally) ironing clotheseven betting on wrinkle-resistant textiles if you have to wear impeccable outfits at work (shirts, suits, etc.).
  • Give up window washing from time to time: unlike poorly maintained toilets, dirty tiles have no impact on health.
  • Have groceries delivered to your home or let yourself be tempted by ready-made or delivered meals when you really don’t have the energy to cook (or inspiration, for that matter…).
  • Limit detergents : apart from periods of extreme heat, and apart from underwear, clothes that have only been worn once or twice are rarely really dirty. So put them back on their hangers instead so you can wear them the next day…
  • Stop dreaming of a perfect lawnmowed square and devoid of dead leaves: the taller grasses also have their charm, while offering shelter to insects…

Once the unnecessary tasks have been removed, all you have to do is test our express cleaning routine!

Bet on technology

In the first half of the 20th century, the washing machine revolutionized household life. And in the age of new technologies, household appliances, which are more and more sophisticated, can do even more work, often independently. If it is useless to buy all the fashionable gadgets, quality machines, powerful and really adapted to your needs, can bring you a very precious help. Here are some examples of relevant choices depending on the situation:

  • A clothes dryer to save large families the drudgery of expanding their multiple machines
  • A robot vacuum cleaner to dust off XXL interior spaces while you relax quietly on the sofa
  • A multi-cooker robot to make it harder for you to work in the kitchen if you often come home late at night
  • A dishwasher to relieve all households: even if you live alone and eat out at noon, it will save you time every day.
dad and child throwing a washing machine
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And even if you have to (re)equip yourself with household appliances, think sustainable by choosing appliances as energy efficient as possible (they are easily identified by their energy label A): it will always be taken for the planet, but also for your bank account!

Share tasks

It’s math: the more you delegate, the less time you’ll need to do everyday household chores. If your partner is not very active or active, now is the time to (re)discussing the sharing of chores, even if it means issuing ultimatums. Do you have teenagers or even children? From an early age, they can help out around the house on multiple levels. Among the tasks you can easily entrust themin ascending order of difficulty:

  • Tidy up their bedroom or playroom
  • Shopping with you (it’s fun to spot the groceries on the shelves, then drop the boxes in the shopping cart!)
  • Make their bed (with your help, then on their own)
  • Pass the broom or dustpan
  • Water the green plants
  • Peel and cut fruits and vegetables
  • Stirring preparations for pies, cakes
  • Sort and store laundry
  • Wash the car
  • Empty the dishwasher and store its contents in the cupboards

Select the important tasks by forgetting the superfluous and share domestic effortss as a couple or as a family, while relying on efficient and modern household appliances: by acting on all fronts, we promise, you should finally be able to breathe !

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