How you can begin your private purse assortment


In today’s world, handbags are a fashion staple for every modern woman. They allow you to easily carry your daily essentials and are ideal for adding personality to an outfit. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes to suit any occasion. Read on to find out how you can start your own personal handbag collection.

Shoulder bags

One of the most popular handbag options, shoulder bags are available in a range of materials, designs and colors. The most popular of these tend to be flat and rectangular, made from premium leather and have two handles.

Tote bags

There are different kinds of tote bags, available in a variety of prints and colors. Some, like shopping bags, almost look like shoulder bags but are larger and more spacious for shopping.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are the biggest trend in handbag business because they make life easier. These bags get their name from the elongated strap designed to be worn across the body. Some women also perch this strap on their shoulders to reinforce the high fashion and thrown aspect of this accessory.


Satchels are like shoulder bags, but they have a more specific shape. While they can be circular, square, and have a zipper, while saddlebags are almost always rectangular with an envelope flap and double buckle closure.


Clutches are perfect for night out on the town, dates, or more formal occasions. From beaded and square to soft and loose, there is a clutch for every occasion.

The bucket

Bucket bags get their name from their unique silhouette. Typically, they are tied with a drawstring around the top and have an elongated shoulder strap.

Sports bags

Traditional sports bags are practical and therefore perfect for busy moms, students or gym goers. They tend to be larger in size and square in shape.


Undeniably the most practical handbag option, a handbag is perfect for those who prefer hands-free handbag options. The backpacks have two shoulder straps and are designed to be worn on the back.

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