Learn how to retailer mushrooms longer? Listed below are 6 suggestions!


In autumn, we happily find squash, but also mushrooms that appear in all shapes and colors. If the rest of the year, only button mushrooms furnished our market and supermarket stalls, we find several kinds and fresh varieties. And of course, the months of October and November also ring the sweet pleasure of walks to pick mushrooms in our secret corners. Armed with a basket, we challenge our more or less sharpened senses to find porcini mushrooms, coulemelles, chanterelles, trompettes-des-morts, boletus and other lepiots. And we know that once all these beautiful people have been bought or collected, they will have to be cooked or eaten quickly, because the mushrooms tend to spoil quickly. What if we optimize the storage time by using the right methods? Find out how to store your mushrooms longer to delight you all fall… and even all year round!

Rosé des meadows, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, grisets (or petit-gris), lentins, mousserons, oyster mushrooms, sheep’s feet, trumpets of death, shiitakes, etc. Your mushrooms will all last longer without turning brown!

1) Replace the classic plastic tray with a paper bag

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In our stores, we often buy mushrooms in a plastic bag or tray. Now this conditioning only accelerates their deterioration. If you plan to keep them in the fridge and soon eat them, put them in a paper bag instead. Above all, avoid putting your sachets near fragrant foods (onions, cheese, etc.). Indeed, your mushrooms may absorb odors and this will alter their taste. Thanks to this technique, you will keep your mushrooms longer without seeing them darken or become stunted. And if your mushrooms are already cut, sprinkle them with lemon juice before putting them in the fridge. This will limit oxidation and blackening.

2) Dry your mushrooms to keep them longer

dried mushrooms
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Don’t you plan to cook them right away? Did you have a great harvest and want to save some for later? The drying method may be a good option, especially for small mushrooms such as chanterelle, death trumpet or mousseron. You can, however, consider cutting a boletus or porcini mushroom into strips before dehydrating them. Take action less than a week after picking to prevent them from molding or losing their flavor. Remove the foot and the earthy part, then brush or wipe each mushroom with a rag.

Then there are several techniques. The technique of drying on a newspaper is the longest. For speed, consider using a food dehydrator or one baking ajar at 60 ° C for several hours. Drying mushrooms is a long storage technique that requires patience. However, your dried mushrooms will keep up to 1 to 3 years.

3) freezing to preserve the mushrooms properly

frozen mushrooms
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Freezing is the fastest and easiest preservation technique for your fresh or cooked mushrooms. If they are already cooked, you can put them in a freezer bag. If they are raw, blanch them in boiling water with a tablespoon of coarse salt and another of vinegar per liter of water. After 5 minutes of boiling, drain them and let them cool before freezing them in a special bag or an airtight box. Your mushrooms will keep for 6 to 12 months. Don’t forget to indicate the date on the container!

4) canned mushrooms ready to use

preservation preserves mushrooms preserve for a long time
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Like our grandmothers, get started with canned mushrooms to eat in 8 to 12 months ideally following. Above all, do not exceed 12 months. How to do ? You just need to clean and cut the mushrooms into pieces. Then boil water (1l for 15g). After bringing them to the boil for 4 minutes, immerse your mushrooms in a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking. Drain them and slip them into jars previously sterilized in boiling water. Then top up with salted water (10 g of salt per liter) before closing each jar with the seal or the capsule. Finally, place your preserves for 2 hours at 100 ° C in the sterilizer. Don’t forget to indicate the date of manufacture on the container!

5) Storage in oil or white vinegar

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Oil (olive oil or more neutral in taste) such as vinegar (white vinegar, wine or alcohol vinegar) can both act as excellent natural preservatives. Here, blanch the mushrooms as explained earlier or put them in a very hot pan with a glass of vinegar until the liquids have evaporated. Then dry them thoroughly before placing them in previously sterilized jars. Add oil or vinegar as well as herbs of your choice: garlic, coriander, salt, rosemary, pink berries, chili, etc. Finally, close your jars and consume them within 6 months. Above all, be sure to eat them in a dry and cool place for optimal conservation. It’s ideal with a good raclette or cold cuts!

6) keep your mushrooms longer in the fat

preserve mushrooms preserve conservation
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For this last very tasty tip, you will need to use duck fat, goose fat or lard. Start by preparing the mushrooms (cleaning and cutting into identical pieces). Then heat your fat in the pan and add your mushrooms. Let them brown for 5 to 10 minutes until they are a little crispy. You can then slip them with their fat into a previously sterilized jar and refrigerate them. They will thus be able to keep up to a year in the fridge. It goes without saying that this option is unfortunately not vegan.

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