How one can reap the benefits of promotions in supermarkets?


Beware of promotions: they are always double-edged.

Then use our advice, and your flair, to know how to choose and make the most of specials in supermarkets!

You risk making big savings. Look :

Pay attention to expiration dates

As you walked through the fresh produce shelves of supermarkets, you have all noticed that certain items are offered at very steep discounts.

Suddenly, with a light heart, you buy two or three times more than expected. But beware, these fresh products are sold so low for a good reason: they will be out of date in no time.

So as not to forget them in the fridge and have to throw them away, I apply this little trick: I place them on the edge of the shelves and not at the very back.

I also sometimes buy in large quantities to freeze afterwards. Obviously, it does not work for yogurt or salad!

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Beware of products presented at the head of the gondola!

Also, be careful not to get carried away by the madness of shopping after choosing other low-cost products:

the stores know that the customer who has just made a good deal will go back to other departments with a light heart, and spend without too much money.

Mistrust and verification

To be able to really save, you must first know how to be wary. Taking advantage of promotions on the supermarket shelves, it seems so easy that you quickly fall asleep, and you get fooled further.

The result: a salty addition at checkout.

If you want to do business without leaving all your money in it, you have to keep a cool head and know what you are buying, and especially know if you have any. really need.

The ideal is to remember to check the price per kilo of these promotional products, and compare them with the price of conventional products. You will often be surprised at the result!

Savings made

Products whose expiration dates are up to date are generally offered at -40, or even -50%.

On a full shopping cart, I can save around ten euros most of the time. Or 40 € per month and € 480 savings over the whole year!

The other specials, when interesting, also offer discounts that are worth it. In the end, during the year, all the cumulative promotions allow me to save 600 €.

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