How one can check your urine to know if you’re wholesome


Urine is based on liquid waste from our body rejected by urination (or emptying of urine by the bladder). And by interpreting it well, we can learn a lot about our health. What’s more, there’s no need to collect urine in a sterile bottle or use a urine dipstick for a laboratory-style urine test… A simple look in the WC is enough! This is what doctors have done for centuries to know the condition of their patients. Differences in texture, smell or even color are indeed signs sent by our body. Know that healthy urine is light yellow and does not have a strong odor. So here’s how to analyze your urine if it doesn’t fit these criteria.

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1) Your urine is quite dark and has a honey color

Urine looks darker than it usually is? It may mean that you are suffering from dehydration. In addition, urine serves to eliminate toxins from the body. In fact, holding back too long is also a possible cause for this too dark color.

2) Your urine is transparent

The color can be related to the dilution of urine : the more you drink, the more the urine will be diluted and therefore clear. So you may be drinking too much water. A overconsumption is not good for the kidneys who struggle to keep up with the pace you inflict on them. A surplus of water can be difficult to eliminate and in the long term, it can cause health problems (imbalance in blood sodium levels, etc.). So, consume the recommended amounts of water.

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3) Your urine is brown like port wine

Urine is not brown because of your coffee addiction! Sure, food affects color. Moreover, a massive consumption of beans or rhubarb can cause a brown color. Also, again, the dark tint may be due to a lack of hydration. It may also indicate that the body is fighting contamination by a virus or bacteria (urinary tract infections, kidney or liver problem, etc.). Be vigilant and see your doctor if this continues.

4) Your urine is foamy and foamy in the bowl

If it was a very pressing craving, the presence of foam is understandable. However, if you notice this foam several times in a row, this may indicate that your diet is too rich in protein or that your kidneys have deficiency problems so be aware of it. In women, it can also sometimes be a reaction to the personal hygiene products used.

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