How you can unclog your bathroom… with dish cleaning soap?


Whether it is because of the dilapidation of the pipes or because of poor daily use (for example if you throw wipes and other objects into them that have no place there), the toilets can sometimes end up clogging. Very often, we will then run to the nearest supermarket to buy a chemical-based unblocker (caustic soda, bleach, hydrochloric acid, etc.) in order to drive out the said clog. However, this solution is neither practical, nor ecological, nor economical. What if you gave dishwashing detergent a chance to unclog your toilet and save a clogged drain?

The advantages of dishwashing liquid to unclog the toilet

It may sound crazy and too good to be true, and yet, this technique is very effective in minutes. Indeed, whatever the brand, the dishwashing liquid will degrease the pipes and lubricate them, which will not fail to slide plugs installed. We can thus find functional toilets without breaking the bank by calling a plumber. And since this problem can occur at any time, this trick is great to know, because it requires neither equipment (suction cup, ferret, etc.) nor toxic or natural household products (white vinegar, baking soda, etc.). It is simply based on a cleaning product that we all have at home.

For this trick to work well and succeed in dislodging the clog permanently, it is however necessary follow certain rules which we present to you below.

unclog clogged toilet clean
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How to make sure it works well?

1) Start by heating 4 liters of water in a large saucepan. For more practicality, do not hesitate to use one that has handles on each side. This way, you’ll have a better grip and less risk of knocking it over on the way to the toilet! Note also that the water must be very hot, but do not use boiling water which could damage the enamel of the bowl.

2) While the water is heating, you can pour 1/5th of the bottle of washing up liquid directly into the toilet. Leave to act for ten minutes.

3) Next, cover with hot water in a single pour (please don’t burn yourself!) and wait again. About fifteen minutes is usually enough, but wait longer in the event of a difficult traffic jam (about 30 minutes).

4) Water will start to flow more normally here. You can then flush. Some people, however, prefer to rinse with hot water several times to make sure the clog is gone (instead of just being moved further down the pipes).

If that was not enough and the clog is still there, repeat the same steps.

There you go, you’ve unblocked your toilet effortlessly!

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