Tips on how to use clay stone and substitute all of your merchandise


Descaling, degreasing, polishing, sanitizing, polishing… what if a simple jar could replace most of the household products that clutter our cupboards and save big? In any case, this is the promise of clay stone (also called silver stone or white stone), a natural product that is as economical as it is ecological, which can brilliantly accomplish most household tasks and render us proud services. sometimes unusual! Do not hesitate to take advantage of the advantages of its formula rich in white clay and soap thanks to the sometimes little known uses of the clay stone listed here.

What are the household benefits of clay stone?

Clay stone is above all a very economical product. Indeed, a pot can last you minimum 8 to 12 months depending on your frequency of use. It’s very simple: a small quantity is enough and the 500 g jar lasts a very long time! So you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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In addition, this cleaning pot is very versatile. Moreover, you can use this multi-purpose both inside to clean all surfaces of the house and outside for camping equipment, sports and DIY, motorhome, garden furniture dirty plastic, the car or even the hull of a boat. This is explained by the fact that the silver stone can can be used on all materials without scratching them : leather, glass, chrome, brass, copper, silverware, porcelain, crystal, earthenware, enamel, stainless steel, aluminium… Only exception: it is not do not mix well with clothing and other textile surfaces. However, it can still partially replace the cleaning products that clutter under the kitchen sink!

What are the possible uses of clay stone?

1) The clay stone to clean AND sanitize

Thanks to its composition rich in antiseptic soap, the white stone allows both cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces to be treated. This is the reason why we appreciate its use so much on children’s toys, floors, household appliances, the refrigerator, the kitchen sink or even the worktop. This allows for good results without using harmful chemicals, especially in the kitchen space!

2) The best for degreasing everything in the house

Its very powerful degreasing power allows it to degrease the cooking space affected by stubborn greasy stains. This makes it possible to restore shine to vitroceramic or induction hobs as well as gas cookers. You can also use it to refurbish the extractor hood covered with a greasy film. All the dirt will come off without rubbing.

3) Surfaces to be detached with clay stone

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There is nothing better than the white stone to clean white soles or to detach leather such as imitation leather (sofa, jacket or handbag). It can also be used to remove traces on painted walls, even in the case of non-washable paint. Simply rub gently to avoid damaging the area to be treated. Finally, you can use it to remove stains from wallpaper, provided you do not wet the sponge or cloth too much beforehand.

4) To scour the oven, barbecue grill or pan

The silver stone is not a pickling product. However, it can be used for polish and degrease difficult surfaces such as the barbecue grill, the walls of the oven, the glass of the fireplace or stove or even a burnt pan bottom. Just spread a thick layer and rub carefully before rinsing well with clear water. Thanks to its abrasive effect, the clay stone will work even better than white vinegar !

5) Clay stone to descale limestone

Whether around the bathtub or the sink, in the sink or the kettle, on the toilet or anywhere on the taps, you can get rid of limescale in no time at all thanks to the white stone. Enough to restore shine to the kitchen and the bathroom without effort! It doesn’t get any better for cleaning and whitening a limescale-ridden white sink and many uses.

6) Excellence for reviving tile joints

clean shiny tile
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When cleaning floors or walls, do the seals resist you? This is normal, as they tend to collect all the dirt and dust! Fortunately, they can be rubbed with a toothbrush and a little silver stone to restore their original whiteness, all without compromising their waterproofness.

7) A stone to restore shine to the metal

You can use your white stone to shine silverware, stainless steel, the soleplate of the iron or your copper cookware which has become tarnished over the years. It is also possible to gently rub your jewelry or a brass surface with this great household product. This thus allows to remove any trace of oxidation or tarnish without damaging your favorite pieces. Remember to use a soft cloth and lukewarm water for a gentle treatment.

8) A good helper for spotless windows

It is quite possible to use clay stone to clean windows and mirrors. In addition to removing smudges and other fingerprints, this also helps to benefit from a water-repellent effect to prevent the return of water, lime and dirt deposits. This way, your glass surfaces will stay clean longer! To avoid spoiling anything, you can also use this paste to reduce light scratches on the induction hob or light scratches on glass. It is enough to make circular movements to blur the unwanted traces.

Where can you get clay stone?

clay stone white stone silver stone
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The clay stone can be found very easily in any supermarket, but also in the hardware section of DIY stores. It can also be found in garden centers as well as in a store specializing in organic products or on the Internet. Wherever you decide to buy it, feel free to compare plans and opt for the simplest possible. You will avoid additives that harm the effectiveness of the formula or palm oil that harms the environment. It is also possible to make your clay stone yourself. A homemade recipe makes it possible to feel reassured by the composition and to save over the long term thanks to the use of simple and inexpensive natural ingredients such as white clay, baking soda and Marseille soap.

How to properly use the clay stone?

The principle of use is always the same. All you have to do is wet a sponge (sometimes supplied with it), a toothbrush or a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth, then take a little material with it. No need to take too much, as it can complicate the rinsing. Then, we rub, preferably by making circular movements to better remove the dirt. Finally, you can rinse thoroughly with clean water. To preserve its universal texture and prevent it from deteriorating over time, consider the let dry after use before replacing the cover. Moreover, even if it is a natural product, it is better to store it out of the reach of children.

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