How To Use Epsom Salt As A Laxative (Efficient in 30 Min).


This is the case of Epsom salt that works in just 30 min.

It is super effective to have a better transit… in the shortest possible time!

It was recommended to me by my doctor against transient and occasional constipation.

Of course, it should not be abused.

But used in moderation, it is very useful for inducing bowel movements quickly.

Here’s how to use it. Look :

How to do

1. Heat 240 ml of water without boiling it.

2. Add 3 teaspoons of Epsom salt while the water is heating.

3. Mix well.

4. Pour your mixture into a cup and let cool.

5. When the mixture is lukewarm (not too hot or too cold), drink the whole cup at once.

6. Drink this remedy twice a day leaving 4 hours between each dose.


There you go, thanks to this natural laxative, you quickly solved your constipation problem 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

You quickly find intestinal comfort and normal transit.

You can continue this home treatment for constipation for 4 days.

You see, no need to go to the doctor or the pharmacy.

The treatments you can buy there are no more effective.

On the other hand, they cost much more!

Know all the same that this natural treatment does not taste very good.

If the taste bothers you, you can add a little lemon juice.

A last bit of advice?

Epsom salt is a powerful natural laxative.

It helps to trigger the stool quickly.

Its laxative properties take effect within 30 minutes to 6 hours.

For your comfort, make sure you have quick and easy access to the toilet!


– The water should be a little warmer than room temperature. But it should not be hot. Be careful don’t burn yourself. If you are in a hurry, you can heat it in the microwave.

– In this recipe, the amount of Epsom salt is indicated for an adult. 3 teaspoons is the average amount. But you can put 2 to 4 teaspoons depending on the desired effect.

For a childput only 1 to 2 spoons of Epsom salt.

– And do not give this mixture to a child of less than 6 years old.

– It is recommended to drink lots of water when taking Epsom salt as a laxative. Indeed, this remedy tends to dehydrate the body. Not to mention that it is important to drink plenty of water when you are constipated. This facilitates the evacuation of stools.

Why does it work?

Epsom salt is a mixture of magnesium, sulphide, oxygen and water.

In contact with water, it releases the magnesium it contains.

This is then quickly absorbed by the body when it is ingested or by the skin in a bath.

That’s why it is known to be an effective ingredient to cleanse the liver and intestines.

Thanks to its high concentration of minerals, it is also effective in relieving digestive disorders.

But above all, it stimulates intestinal transit, which allows fight against constipation.

It is also effective in relieving stress, muscle and joint pain.

Finally, it makes it easier to fall asleep and soothes itchy skin.


a packet of epsom salt made with magnesium sulfate

You can find Epson salt in organic stores, at Leclerc, carrefour, Leroy Merlin…

But beware, there are several qualities of Epsom salt.

For this remedy of grandmother, you must imperatively buy Epsom salt having like main ingredient from magnesium sulfate, like this one.

Its very important. Otherwise you risk poisoning yourself.

There are contraindications to the use of Epsom salt.

Know that it is not recommended in case of kidney and heart problems.

If you have diabetes or an eating problem, do not take this remedy.

In addition, it should not be ingested by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If symptoms of constipation persist after 4 daysyou should consult your doctor.

Some medications are not compatible with Epsom salt.

If you are on medication, talk to your doctor before taking Epsom salt.

Constipation may be accompanied by other symptoms :

Stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, rectal bleeding…

In this case, consult your doctor before taking Epsom salt.

Likewise, if your stools change in appearance, become harder, or become darker and tarryconsult your doctor, do not take this natural laxative.

Your turn…

You tested this natural remedy against occasional constipation? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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