« I’ve hair on my ears! » Tips That Work To Eradicate Them.


Today I show you how to get rid of hair in your ears!

So when it comes to a simple down, it’s still fine.

But when they become thick and long, there it is not super aesthetic.

They mainly appear in men between the ages of 30 and 60.

If you are concerned, you have certainly wondered what was the best way to get rid of it?

So what to do? Is it better to cut them, depilate them or even burn them (not with a lighter, huh!) with a laser?

Having been invaded by hair myself, well I give you the solutions that work best.

Discover 5 tips that work to eradicate them in the ears. Look :

1. A trimmer when you have a lot of hair

A man running a hair trimmer through his ears

The easiest and most effective way to trim ear hair is to use clippers.

This is especially a good idea when you have a lot of them.

The trimmer is most of the time equipped with a small tip that is easily inserted inside the ear.

It is also effective for cutting hair on the auricle and lob of the ear.

The main advantage is that the mower cuts the excess hair without pulling it out.

The operation is therefore painless.

However, this technique requires repeating the operation quite often, because they grow back quite quickly.

Question hygiene, do not forget to disinfect the mower in case of loan to avoid any microbial contagion.

2. Tweezers when you have little hair

A man having his ear hair removed with tweezers

If hairs are present inside your ears, they must be removed very gently.

Otherwise, you risk causing microlesions in the ear canal.

We therefore avoid using tweezers in a place as sensitive as the inside of the ear.

On the other hand, for the hairs located around the ear (what is called the pavilion), no problem.

The tweezers clearly do the trick when you don’t have a lot of hair.

In addition, with this technique, they grow back less quickly, because the root is torn out.

Be careful though, it can hurt quite a bit when you pull on the hair.

For hair removal, I advise you to call on a third party to help you (your wife for example).

It’s a lot easier than doing it yourself, believe me.

3. The laser for permanent hair removal

A man having his ear hair lasered

The laser is a radical solution to eradicate hair permanently.

This technique, however, is not not applicable for the inside of the ear which is too sensitive.

We are too close to the eardrum so we have to be careful.

The laser technique is particularly effective on dark outer hair.

Operation is simple. The Laser targets melanin (the pigment of the hair) to better pull out the root.

Thanks to this technique, the hair no longer grows once treated.

Little additional info that is important: a session costs between 70 and 100 €…

4. Electric hair removal for transparent hair

A man having his ear hair removed with an electric device

A little in the same register as for the laser, electric hair removal is quite radical.

This device makes it possible to take care of the hairs a little less visible which are white or gray.

The technique consists of inserting a small needle at the base of the hair.

It then launches an electrical pulse that burns the root.

All you have to do is take tweezers to remove the hair, which is easily removed since it is dead.

5. Natural solutions to whiten hair

Lemon to whiten ear hair easily and naturally

If you don’t want to bother cutting hair, there is another solution: that of laundering them!

For this, I invite you to look at these proven grandmother’s tricks.

They become invisible just with natural products.

No need for expensive and harmful chemicals.

Well, know all the same that there are fading kits of the face…

They are generally used to whiten women’s mustaches, but they can also be used for ear hair.

This type of product is particularly indicated in the case where they are very dark.

We pass the cream on the affected areas and 10 minutes later, they become transparent.

What to do before and after ear waxing?

Before you start trimming your hair, we must prepare the ground if I may say so.

Take a cotton swab, immerse it in a saline solution and gently clean the contours of the ear.

Regardless of the technique used to cut the hairs, equip yourself with a magnifying mirror to see them better.

Make sure you are in a well-lit room as well.

Once the hair removal is done, redness may appear.

In this case, you only have to pass a little soothing cream so that everything goes back to normal.

Treatments to avoid

A man who has his hair removed from his ears by burning it with a lighter

The 5 tips seen above should allow you to remove hair from your ears without any problem.

Other alternatives exist, but I strongly advise against them.

For example, I know that depilatory creams are practical.

But you should never use this wax for the ears!

It could flow into the orifice and cause irritation.

Another thing to avoid; that of using scissors, a razor or even a lighter.

Earlobes are very fragile and you can very quickly cut or burn yourself…

If you really want to use scissors, take this kind of round toe product.

Hypertrichosis of the ear

A man with Hypertrichosis in the ears with lots of black hairs

Having hair in the ears is in no way medically worrisome.

It is even normal in men who are advancing in age.

Nevertheless, I still have to tell you about a disorder called hypertrichosis.


Simply put, it’s the excessive growth of hair in an area of ​​the body that shouldn’t have any.

Your torso, for example, may be completely hairless (beardless), yet have a small area full of hair.

Well this can also happen on the ear; this is called atrial hypertrichosis.

Generally, it is the pavilion of the ear and especially the edge which is affected.

This disorder is genetic and only affects men.

But it can also be the consequence of drug treatment.

Some medications have the side effect of causing hypertrichosis.

In this case, talk to your doctor to find treatment alternatives.

Why does hair on the ears appear?

Hair growing on the ears

Well already and FYI we all have hairy ears.

We do not necessarily see them, because most of the time it is just a small transparent down that is present.

Except that over time, they become longer, denser and above all darker.

This is when they stand out and we are entitled to a few sometimes mocking looks.

But contrary to legend, having it in your ears has nothing to do with hormones (especially testosterone).

These are hairs that simply have a long life cycle that we let grow.

What problems can ear hair cause?

Those present inside the ears have a utility, like the hairs of the nose elsewhere.

They filter out small dirt and dust that could get in and filter out sounds.

The problem is when these hairs become too many in the ear canal.

It can block earwax and create plugs or otitis externa.

Your turn…

Have you tried our tips for eradicating hair in the ears? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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