Should you see an animal on this place, contact a veterinarian instantly.


Dogs and cats can behave in ways that are thought to be funny or just a little strange. But you always have to be careful. For example, have you ever seen a dog or a cat lean its head against the wall?

The phenomenon is called “head pressing”. Masters often take it for something innocuous, but in reality it is a warning signal.

If you see your pet pressing its head against the wall, it means it is sick and you should take it to the vet immediately.

The animal actually leans its head against the wall, the floor or an object to relieve itself from the pain explains PetMD.

The reasons can be many: neurological diseases, liver problems, poisoning, etc.

It is a phenomenon that affects not only dogs and cats, but also other animals. In any case, do not hesitate and contact a veterinarian as soon as possible!

If your pet has other symptoms, such as cramping and blurry vision, or their behavior suddenly changes, then something is wrong.

Unfortunately, animals cannot speak, they cannot tell us that they are sick. Therefore, it is important to know how to interpret small signals to intervene quickly!

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