In what order ought to bathrooms be cleaned? The Fast and Hygienic Methodology.


Cleaning the toilet is not my favorite step when cleaning, right?

I never know where to start.

So, I show you here how to clean the toilets and the protocol to follow.

Finally, it is not so difficult, you will see.

It was the housekeeper of a luxury hotel who explained to me how to do it.

Since I follow his advice and this order, it really makes my life easier and it’s really more hygienic.

Here is 6 steps to properly clean the toilet. Look :

What you need to clean toilets

woman with bucket and brush in arms

The important thing is to have the right equipment at hand.

There’s nothing worse than having to stop to get a product…it’s bad enough to wash the toilets, so let’s make life easier!

To clean the toilets naturally, here is the list of what you need:


2 sponges dedicated to the toilets (one for the outside of the bowl, and one for the seat)

bucket with a little lukewarm water

– homemade or organic multi-purpose product

a brush

microfiber cloths

– white vinegar

baking soda

1. Clean the inside of the bowl

purple brush that cleans the toilet bowl

So, in what order should you wash the toilet?

The first action to take is to wash the inside of the bowl.

Put on your gloves and raise the bezel.

Then, sprinkle the bowl with baking soda and brush all over, even under the edges

Then pour a little white vinegar and let it act.

During this time, we can devote ourselves to another step that I describe to you in point n°3.

2. Clean the outside of the bowl

cleaning the outside of a toilet with a red sponge

While the vinegar and baking soda are reacting in the bowl, clean the exterior. That way, no waste of time.

Take a sponge and put some multi-purpose product on it.

Pass it over the entire outer bowl. Insist well in all corners.

Why ?

Because that’s where bacteria and germs live.

Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with one of the cloths.

3. Clean the water tank

toilet cistern to be cleaned

If your toilet does not have a built-in cistern, also consider cleaning it.

Take the opportunity to also wash the flush button.

Keep the same sponge and put a shot of multi-purpose spray on the tank.

Pass well in all the corners, rinse and dry with the cloth.

4. Rinse the bowl

flush in white toilet bowl

When the vinegar/bicarbonate reaction is complete, you can brush the bowl one last time.

Then flush the toilet to rinse.

Want to save water?

Rinse with recycled water: dishwater, shower water or recycled rainwater.

5. Disinfect the bezel

toilet seat washed with a sponge to respect the hygienic method

Because of small lost drops and splashes, the bezel can quickly become a nest of germs.

With the second sponge and the multi-purpose product, clean the top of the bezel.

Then, lift it up and thoroughly clean the underside and the edges.

Rinse and dry with another cloth so as not to « recontaminate » the bezel.

6. Wash the walls around

hand that cleans the wall of the tiled toilet in the last step

While we’re at it, we can clean the area around the toilet: walls, tiles, switches…

Because even if it’s not the toilet, bacteria are never far away.

First, because there can be splashes and because you touch the buttons before washing your hands.

So, we take the opportunity to clean these areas with the first sponge and a little white vinegar.

Rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

To do well, you must follow this cleaning method at least once a week.

More if the toilets are used by many people such as in a company, an office or a large family.

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to clean the toilets in the right order? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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