Unimaginable advantages of pet remedy


4. Emotional benefits

Researchers have found that people who engage in positive interactions with animals have higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, « feel-good » chemicals. These substances help regulate mood, fight depression, reduce anxiety, and keep us calm in stressful situations. Victims of domestic violence and abuse can benefit from the non-judgmental companionship of an animal.

Pet therapy helps a survivor to feel “safe”, valued and able to freely express their emotions. Interacting with animals can stimulate laughter and joy in people whose lives have been turned upside down by illness or depression.

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5. Social benefits

Pet therapy can bring people out of their shell. Animals provide a safe way for people to explore the basic human urge to touch. Petting a dog, cat, small animal or horse can be both comforting and calming. Animals are non-judgmental and loving.

For people with social phobias, autism, or mental illness, bonding with a pet can be the first step in forming new, healthy relationships with others. Animals can also inspire laughter and joy which in turn can help them connect with their healthcare provider, therapist, family, and peers.


6. Cognitive benefits

Pet therapy helps reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn has a positive effect on a person’s decision-making abilities. This allows for a calm, carefully measured, and rational decision to be made instead of panicking and reacting to stressful events. Another way animals improve our cognition is by improving our self-awareness.

They instantly react to our moods and give immediate feedback. If we hit a dog or a horse, we can get bitten or kicked. For this reason, pet therapy has been particularly useful for convicts. They must learn to connect with an animal using an approach other than bullying and violence. Once they succeed, they will be rewarded with the animal’s trust and loyalty.


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