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About one in seven American men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, early diagnosis is the key. Just ask actor Ben Stiller, who last October shared news of his shocking prostate cancer diagnosis 2 years earlier, aged 48. According to Stiller, his diagnosis « came out of nowhere … I had no idea. » Stiller says he had no history of prostate cancer in his family and showed no symptoms, but his doctor suspected prostate cancer because of a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test given during of his annual medical examination. He said, “If I hadn’t taken the test… I still wouldn’t know… I feel like the test saved my life.

During the month of November (or Movember), men are encouraged to learn more about prostate health and risk factors for prostate cancer. City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening research and treatment center, urges all men, aged 40 and over, to consider their personal risk for prostate cancer and speak up to their doctor for the annual screening …



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