Is it good or unhealthy to drink whereas consuming? My Physician’s Reply.


My grandmother always told me not to drink while eating.

And I feel like I’m not the only one…

…because many of us wonder whether it’s good or not.

Some say it causes bloating and upsets digestion.

To get to the bottom of it, I talked to my doctor about it.

Despite everything that can be read on social networks, all this has not been demonstrated.

My doctor explained to me that there are benefits to drinking water before, during and after a meal.

here is 3 good health reasons to drink while eating. Look :

1. It aids digestion

water poured into a glass

It is often thought that the water we drink during meals dissolves digestive juices.

Consequence: it would slow down digestion.

However, there is nothing.

Most doctors say that the body knows how to adapt to what is ingested.

Drinking and eating at the same time are therefore not contradictory..

Better: it softens the food bolus to facilitate digestion and avoid constipation.

2. It prevents acid reflux

woman drinking a glass of water

Water consumed during the meal, or just after, dissolves gastric juices.

And it’s interesting when you’re prone to acid reflux or reflux.

Do not hesitate to drink a little water throughout your meal.

No question of drowning your stomach, just to best distribute the amount of liquid during dinner.

3. It makes you feel full faster

glass of water on a brown table

Drinking throughout the meal calms the appetite…and therefore eats less.

Perfect for people who want to limit their food intake.

It is also said that drinking a glass of water before eating reduces the feeling of hunger.

There is even better!

Drinking during the meal allows you to take your time. Indeed, we take the time to chew and breathe before taking a sip.

Does drinking water while eating make you gain weight?

Well no! Because the more time we take while eating, the more we have a real feeling of satiety..

Plus, water fills the stomach…and it’s calorie free.

So when should you drink water?

water carafe with a glass of water

According to scientists, you can hydrate whenever you want during the meal.

But we can be more specific:

– Drink before the meal gives a feeling of satiety and avoids stuffing.

– Drinking during the meal, in small sips avoids gastric reflux and limits the desire to eat.

– Drinking after the meal helps to dilute and soften the food bolus and therefore to better digest.

What to drink during the meal?

person who toasts an aperitif

To stay hydrated, only water should be consumed!

I recommend that you avoid sodas and other carbonated drinks.

They tend to swell the belly and cause burping and flatulence.

Sugary drinks are to be avoided.

Not only do they not hydrate, but they also affect blood sugar levels.

Finally, alcoholic beverages are not recommended either. On the one hand because of the alcohol level, but also because they often contain a lot of sugar.

And that’s not what you’re looking for when you just want to hydrate.

Your turn…

And you, do you usually drink while eating? Let us know in the comments if you think it’s good for you or not. We can’t wait to read you!

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