Is It Regular For A Man To Pee Whereas Sitting?


This is a question that one of our readers asked us.

Without wanting to, this woman threw a stone in the pond of a preconceived idea!

And indeed, many men prefer to sit down to relieve themselves.

And the truth is, there are even several benefits to seated pee. Explanations:

Peeing while sitting is more hygienic

Peeing while sitting is more hygienic.

« Maybe your husband is peeing askew, which happens a lot with men …

If so, he must surely sit down so as not to dirty the toilet, ”suggests one of the Reddit users.

Moreover, know that research proves that those who pee sitting down are much more numerous than one thinks!

Indeed, according to a study, 42% of married men sit down to urinate.

Researchers believe this is in part because of pressure from women to keep toilets clean.

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Peeing sitting down makes splashing less

Peeing sitting down allows you to aim better and make fewer projections.

Show me a ‘sniper’ who claims to never miss the middle of the bowl …

And I will show you a liar !

And that’s not all…

Even men who pee perfectly straight still dirty the toilet.

This is because a jet of urine creates a fine mist of urine which settles on the sides of the bowl.

And believe me, even though this mist is invisible to the naked eye, its scent does not pass never unnoticed!

And over time, this mist builds up and forms a sticky film on the floors and walls of the toilets.

Yuck! It really is one of the craziest things in the universe.

No one wants to clean that up … No one should have to clean that up.

Fortunately, the number of men who pee while sitting is increasing every year …

Can you guess why?

It is because more and more people have smartphones

And as a result, they are spending more and more time on social media, including in the bathroom.

Let’s face it …

Who hasn’t spent more time on the throne than usual while checking out their Instagram?

Peeing while sitting is good for the prostate

Peeing while sitting down is good for the prostate.

Researchers have also found that sitting urinating has unexpected health benefits.

Indeed, a study from the Netherlands has shown that this is the best position …

At least for men with prostate trouble. (Source)

Especially in those who suffer from lower urinary tract symptoms (SBAU) and who must « push » to urinate.

In these men, researchers found that sitting helps increase the flow and the amount of urine.

And of course, let’s not forget the men for whom it is simply impossible to pee standing up.

Especially elderly, disabled and transgender men.

The conclusion ? It is that there is more than one way to do the small commission!

So, gentlemen, if you feel like it, next time don’t hesitate to sit down to relieve yourself 🙂

Your turn…

Do you pee sitting or standing? Tell us everything in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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