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The genius trick for defrosting bread quickly: it’s easier than you think

28.02.2023 09:05

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Whether you’re buying bread from your favorite bakery or baking it at home, it’s always a good idea to store some in the freezer so you always have it on hand. Oops, this morning you were in such a hurry that you forgot to take your bread out of the freezer before going to work? Do not panic, there are various methods, simple and fast, to defrost it in a few minutes without stress. As a bonus, you can enjoy it fresh and crispy like your grandma’s!


Defrosting bread is a simple task when you have enough time and apply the right gestures. However, many people make certain mistakes and often end up with wet or too soft bread. The best way is to wrap it in a clean cloth and thaw it at room temperature. For wholemeal bread, this action may take a few hours, for white bread about half an hour. Better to do it in advance to get the desired result. And, to make the dough crispy, put your bread in the fridge for a few minutes right after defrosting.

Grandma’s Trick : if you are pressed for time and need to get to the table quickly, you can try this technique that has been proven for many years. Its use is particularly suitable in winter, when the radiator is on. After taking the bread out of the freezer, place it, still in a cloth bag, on the stove. It will be ready in 10-15 minutes. As a bonus, since you don’t take it out of the bag, it will keep its softness without losing its crispness.

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Two common methods for defrosting bread

The oven is famous for guaranteeing a result almost similar to freshly baked bread, since it allows it to recover its flavor and texture of the first day. Also, to keep it crispy, we recommend that you take it out of the freezer a few hours before tasting it. And, don’t forget to moisten it a little before putting it in the oven so that it preserves its tender and soft side. Once you have inserted the whole loaf into the oven tray, bake it at 180°C for a maximum of 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you plan to simply defrost a few slices of bread, you will only need to cook them for 5 minutes at 180°C. In truth, monitoring is essential: it is up to you to judge whether your bread requires more or less baking according to your preferences. Either way, we recommend that you always put a bowl of water in the bottom of the oven and leave the door slightly ajar during the process to ensure moist and delicious bread.

Another method of defrosting, the microwave is much faster than the oven, but the result is not always as fruitful. Unless you use the following trick! To do this correctly, you must completely wrap the bread with a thin, clean cloth. Then place it thus wrapped on the plate of the microwave and insert a glass of water right next to it. This way, the humidity will be maintained and your bread will not dry out easily. Granted, many modern microwaves come with the built-in defrost option, but if you don’t, just use the lowest wattage available (around 300-350W). Approximate time for complete defrosting with good texture is 90 seconds. However, to prevent the bread from hardening, it is better not to set a particular time: instead, set intervals of 15 to 30 seconds to monitor the baking from time to time. You can then put the bread in the oven for a few minutes to recover its crispness.

Bread: here are the mistakes not to make

First and foremost, it’s important to differentiate between types of bread: you often tend to treat them the same way, whereas sliced ​​bread is not the same as a whole loaf. Know that the more you cut it, the more you avoid dehydration.

  • Do not freeze all types of bread: use the freezing process only when the bread of the day cannot be consumed.
  • If the bread is homemade, the ideal would be not to overcook it so that it is better when reheated after defrosting.
  • Before putting it in the freezer, it is important to isolate it as much as possible from the outside to avoid dehydration and the loss of internal humidity. It is therefore always better to cover your bread with aluminum foil before putting it in a plastic bag.

Went to the bakery and bought more baguettes than expected? To avoid waste, freezing remains the ideal choice. Thanks to this method, you can even keep your bread for a maximum of 4 to 6 months. But be careful, you should never freeze a bread that is still hot, so wait for it to cool completely. To avoid drying out, wrap it in aluminum foil or a dedicated freezer bag. Remember to squeeze out excess air before closing it. The internal temperature of the device should be -18°C. And voila !

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Good to know : a few hours in the fridge are enough for the bread dough to become harder and more compact. Remember that the cold does not always protect against mold, especially in older refrigerators where the humidity is higher. Your bread can therefore dry out and become stale quickly.

How long can you keep bread in the freezer?

In general, the temperature in the refrigerator prevents food from spoiling, but can affect some of its properties. However, freezing remains the best way to keep bread fresh and above all to avoid food waste. But as a precautionary measure, it is better not to leave it frozen for too long, so try to limit this freezing to a maximum of 3 months.

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