Choose asks younger woman at hand down verdict in mom’s case (video)


Judge Caprio called a little girl to the stand to deliver the final verdict in her mother’s case after hearing about the tragic year they endured.

Judge Frank Caprio rose to fame thanks to his TV show « Caught in Providence, » which features footage from some of the most inspiring stories and cases he has dealt with.

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, it has melted the hearts of internet users and even made headlines.

One of his 2020 episodes, « A Tough Year, » features a young mother, Massey English, and her daughter Kaya presented in front of him. The judge immediately noticed how adorable the little girl was and struck up a conversation.

Caprio then allowed English to explain why she received a parking ticket. According to the mom, she was claiming her daughter’s birth certificate when this happened.

She also revealed that she had to collect the certificate because her husband, unfortunately, had recently passed away from cancer.

The judge realized that the young mother had gone to her court earlier that year and explained that her son had broken his arm and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for five days. She said:

« It’s been a tough year. It’s been a lot for me and my two kids last year. A lot has happened. »

Being the understanding and compassionate judge that he is, Caprio asked English’s daughter to approach the bench and deliver the final verdict.

The adorable girl sat on the judge’s lap and greeted her mother before asserting that English was not guilty. Caprio then said :

« Wall, Kaya says you’re not guilty. Now I can’t compete with that. »

The mom rejoiced as soon as her daughter hit the hammer, declaring the final decision. The video has since amassed nearly three million views and thousands of comments.

Many among social media users have been moved by the judge’s kindness and the way he continues to treat offenders humanely.

Recently, a woman from Florida pleaded in court, asking if she could save a cat from a crumbling building.

One person pointed out that Mr Caprio remembers this woman and his son’s accident, which means he listens and really cares about others.

Unfortunately, not all final court verdicts are rendered out of compassion and understanding. Recently, a woman from Florida pleaded in court, asking if she could save a cat from a crumbling building.

In June, the Champlain Towers South condominium partially collapsed, prompting the decision to demolish what was left. However, Stacy Karron asked if she could save the pets inside, including a cat, Coco.

Sadly, Judge Michael Hanzman turned down his claim and even felt cheated knowing that Karron was not a resident of the condominium. It turned out that the animals had already been rescued and it would be dangerous to start over.


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