Keke Palmer calls on plastic surgeons to treatment zits in hilarious Instagram video


Keke Palmer raised an all-too-common question in an Instagram video yesterday: Why don’t we have a cure for adult acne yet? Specifically, the 28-year-old actor wants to know why plastic surgeons — who admittedly perform very complex procedures all the time — haven’t solved this problem.

« Hello y’all. I was just thinking how amazing plastic surgeons are, » Palmer told his 11.2 million followers. muscle, under muscle, liposuction, tummy tuck, BBL, they can even implant muscle – I mean the list goes on. But they don’t know how to lighten someone’s skin. Are you kidding me? »

The Nope The star then proposed a kind of… skin graft: “All these years and all these inventions, you don’t know how to remove the beautiful skin from my ass and put it on my face? I’m tired of him. I’m done with it. People here with adult acne are struggling and you haven’t found that remedy? I’m finished. »

Palmer has spoken about his acne in the past: In a post 2020she said it was a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder, and encouraged her fans also struggling with adult acne to « know you’re not alone. »

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In yesterday’s message, she also urged the medical community to do Something, writing, “All these years!! Plastic surgeons, y’all wanna know where the real money is? IN THE ELIMINATION OF ACNE. Enough with all the hard work of having to find the PERFECT regimen and trying to get an expensive facial every other day. Give us the plastic surgery we crave and make it possible for black skin too… I need double love.

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