Lawyer Son Mocks Son of Man Who Packs Groceries: Story of the Day


A father who hears his son making fun of a boy for being the son of a man who packs food in a supermarket decides to teach him a lesson.

When I first held my son in my hands, I never imagined that I would have to teach this little baby some hard life lessons. I imagined he would be gentle, loving, and kind.

I forgot that kids can be cruel sometimes and it’s up to us parents to guide them and shape their characters into good, caring people.

One afternoon I finished my job early and decided to pick up my 12 year old son from school to spend some time with him. I had just gone through a grueling six-month trial and wanted to spend time with my family.

I parked my car and headed for the school gates. The bell rang, and immediately an avalanche of children poured out. A few minutes later, I spotted my son. He was standing with a few friends and talking to another boy I didn’t know.

I heard him say: “Just because you’re in this school doesn’t mean you’re worth anything! You are a loser like your father, the food packer, and always will be! ”

I was stunned. His cruel words echoed in my ears and awakened bitter memories of my own past. I took two steps forward and called him, “Sean!” My son turned around, saw me and smiled.

Dad ! » he shouted running towards me. “Hey, is the trial over? You won ? » I looked at his bright, happy face, then looked behind him at the tearful eyes of the boy he had humiliated.

“What did you say to that boy, Sean?” I asked him.

A man’s origin does not define his future or his achievements.

“Oh, him? You’re welcome ! It is nothing! He’s a scholarship student. ”

“Ah…” I said softly, “that means he’s very smart and talented and can come to this school for free, whereas I pay $ 50,000 a year for you to go.”

My son turned all red and looked up at me in surprise. He had never heard my voice in court before. “I – I – I guess…” he stammered.

“And what did you say to him?” I asked him.

« Look, I was just saying … He never … I mean, his dad is a packager in a supermarket, a real loser, you know? »

“A loser? Why is he a loser? ” I asked him.

I could see Sean was worried about the direction of the conversation. “He’s a race packer! It is nothing, it is not important! He’s clearly not good enough for anything else! ”

“Really, Sean? Is that really what you think? ” I asked him sadly.

« Yeah … I mean, he’s not like you! » Sean replied.

“Son, maybe you need to know a little more about me,” I told him. « Come. »

I took my son to the neighborhood where I grew up, showed him the big, shabby buildings with their narrow hallways and dirty windows. “I grew up here, Sean, I went to this school. That’s all your grandfather could afford. ”

« Grandfather ? » Sean asked, surprised. “But Grandpa is the smartest man I know. He knows everything ! »

“Grandpa was a garbage collector, Sean,” I told him. « He never had the chance to finish high school because his father died, and he had to help his mother take care of his siblings. »

“And he did. No one ever went hungry, and her younger siblings finished high school and found good jobs. Then he met Grandmother, and I was born. Your grandfather swore I would be lucky he never had. ”

“So he worked 16 hours a day and he got me into private school, then university, and if I’m a successful man today, I owe it to your grandfather, you understand ? »

“Wow, daddy,” Sean said, “he was amazing.”

“Yes he was, and I was proud of him. But you know what? When I was in this fancy school, some of my colleagues made fun of me, they called my dad the garbage man. ”

“And the worst part is that for a single second, I was ashamed of him, of this extraordinary man who sacrificed himself for me. I never forgave these boys, and I never forgave myself for the shame I felt. ”

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“It wasn’t your fault, dad!” Sean shouted indignantly. “Just because morons…” and then he stopped, and his eyes widened when he realized what he had done. “I did that to Jimmy, didn’t I, daddy?”

“Yes,” I said softly, “you did, and unfortunately you took something from her that you can never give her back.”

Sean had tears in his eyes. “Dad, I’m going to apologize, I’m going to make up for it…”

“Yes, you will, and for the next six weekends, you’ll be packing produce in a supermarket, learning what work is.”

Sean apologized to Jimmy, and although they never became friends, my son respected him, and the other boys followed my son’s lead and learned to treat him fairly.

As for Sean, he learned that any work a man does to feed his family has dignity and worth, whatever it is. It is a lesson worth learning.


Discover the story of the son of a rich man who harasses another boy because he is poor. Her father decided to give her a life lesson.

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