Let’s discuss thoughts mapping


2. Use an image for your main idea

Indeed, « a picture is worth a thousand words » in relation to the way your brain processes information. You will find a picture or picture that is more interesting, memorable and inspiring, and it will help you to keep your attention focused.

Another benefit of using a picture is that it helps stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Thinking framework

3. Use a lot of different colors

Your brain is stimulated by colors and will find them exciting, vibrant and fun. Colors can also elicit an emotional response, improving memory and productivity. They also add fantastic amounts of energy to your thinking and help keep your brain activated.

Color, pictures, and pictures are the first things a baby sees and, as such, play a powerful role in the brain when it comes to processing information.


4. Connect your branches of your main idea to the outside

Your main branches should come out of your central idea and the secondary, tertiary branches, etc. should flow from previous branches. This is because your brain works the same way. It automatically establishes links between several ideas. It works by association, bouncing ideas off one another.

Connecting the branches helps stimulate your brain to make even more associations and helps improve your memory.

Mind Map (2)

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