Let’s discuss self-love


2. Stop criticizing yourself

No one is perfect and no one comes from a perfect family. Yet many people ruthlessly judge themselves for the slightest flaw. I am too fat, too stupid and too ugly. Tell yourself these things too often and they come true.

Whether you think you are capable or think you are not, you are right either way. Each of us, by virtue of being human, has a certain degree of insecurity. Perfection is not a natural state. Stop pretending you have to be perfect and let go.


3. Praise yourself

Praise helps boost your self-esteem and nurtures feelings of self-worth. Criticism tears you apart and can leave you demoralized and hollow. When you put yourself down, you destroy hope, which can have dire consequences.

Struggling to find something to rent on yourself? Start with a few small things. Accept compliments from others with kindness. Do not respond with « oh, that was nothing ».

Good work

4. Take care of your body

Many people turn to alcohol, drugs, smoking, and overeating in an effort to numb emotional pain. While it may work in the short term, in the long term it only serves to make your life worse instead of making it better.

Respect and nourish your body by eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising regularly, brushing your teeth, keeping yourself clean and groomed, and getting enough sleep. Taking care of your body will improve your health and your mental outlook.


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