Principal causes of hair loss in males



There are a handful of infections associated with hair loss, one of them being ringworm. Don’t worry, despite the name, there aren’t any worms involved, rather fungi that can grow anywhere on your body, including the scalp, forcing your hair to fall out in patches.

Dermatitis, which is primarily a skin condition, can affect your hair if it is on your scalp. Folliculitis is exactly what it looks like, causing inflammation of the hair follicles, which is usually caused by infection. Even syphilis, commonly known as a sexually transmitted disease, can cause thinning or brittle hair, according to Everyday Health.

A poor diet

It’s no secret that a poor diet can lead to all kinds of health problems, and one of them is poor hair quality. As the UK newspaper Daily Mail points out, hair is made of protein, so no protein in your diet is obviously bad news for your hair. Deficiencies in vitamin D, iron and protein can be associated with hair loss.

However, LiveStrong points out that a high protein diet can be just as damaging to your scalp, as these diets often limit carbohydrate intake and cause other nutritional deficiencies. So don’t think that you can grow back full hair by incorporating more protein into your meals or drinking protein shakes.

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