Meet the 6 superfans of the peloton who traveled a whole lot (and hundreds!) of miles to experience in particular person


Like me, Kolbuch was a COVID-era Peloton adopter, buying the bike when his gym closed during quarantine. In addition to cycling, he is a fan of the platform’s other modalities, such as strength training, and said it was important for him to have the chance to experience the studio’s energy firsthand. He relied on the support and camaraderie he found in the rankings during the isolation he experienced during the pandemic.

« I love that during class there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of people riding with you at the exact same time from all over the world, » Kolbuch said. « Just really knowing that these people are listening to the same instructions and sweating with you makes it such a rewarding experience. »

So was 30 minutes in the presence of Rigsby worth the international adventure? « Oh definitely, » Kolbach said. « I absolutely have to come back. »

A first (but not the last!) visit to New York from Detroit

Platoon member: Sara Huvaere
Distance traveled: 615 miles

A little over two years ago, Sara Huvaere’s brother bought a Peloton bike, but she was skeptical of the hype. « I was kind of like, ‘I don’t know…’ but as soon as I got it, I never looked back, » she told me in the locker room.

While this was Huvaere’s first time flying to Manhattan from her home in Detroit to experience a studio class, she cared for the Peloton community on a virtual level by supporting fellow riders. and instructors with the hashtags she adopted. (By adopting specific hashtags in their Peloton bios, members form subgroups that can interact on Instagram and Facebook, and even meet in real life.)

« I’m part of The Rad Ones group for Rad Lopez– I have to say that one first because those are the people I talk to most often,” Huvaere said. « Then the Kween K.Clique [for Kirsten Ferguson]the You get to the crew [for Jess Sims], Marcel’s army [for Marcel Dinkins]. I’m all-in, I could keep banging on it!

Huvaere did his fellow Kween K. Clique members proud by making the pilgrimage to the studio for Ferguson’s live birthday run. So was that all she thought it would be?

« And more! » she says. « I met Jess Sims and Camila Ramon, and they’re all amazing people, all of them. That was the best part.

As we chatted, I assumed she was fulfilling her dream of running alongside her IRL model and could return home to Detroit feeling fulfilled. But it turns out that this journey is just the beginning.

« I’m flying back to school on September 3 and 4, » she said. « It’s a real community, so it’s just cool to have that full-circle moment. »

A decade-long trip from Indiana, Pennsylvania

Platoon member: Laura Musser
Distance traveled: 326 miles

Many people claim to be “OG Peloton,” but Laura Musser has the credit to prove it: The Pennsylvania resident and mother of two bought her bike in 2013, just a year after the company launched.

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