Mirror Exercise Cyber ​​Monday sale is its greatest deal of 2021


Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect (no pun intended) Mirror Cyber ​​training On Monday to sell, which offers savings of up to $ 750 through November 29. Just use code BFCM21 at checkout to mark the deal on the popular fitness mirror.

Friends, here’s a reminder: The Mirror home gym sale for Cyber ​​Monday here, but almost over. Thanks in large part to the pandemic, we’re living a golden age for home gyms – and the Mirror is simultaneously one of the most innovative and discreet fitness equipment that you could bring into your living room (or bedroom, home office, garage, or basement). Other home gym equipment tends to be on the clunky and space-saving side (see treadmills and rowers), but this gorgeous fitness mirror blends in perfectly with its surroundings, acting as a sleek full-length wall mirror when is not used. At its regular sticker price, it falls squarely into the splurge category, but for most of November (before the holiday gift season, hint), you can get the Mirror at its biggest discount ever. year and enjoy a wide range of workouts as a result.

Both a real mirror and an intelligent streaming platform, the mirror brings expert-led yoga, barre, Pilates, cardio and boxing classes (to name just a few options from its extensive library) right to your home. The videos are a mix of live and recorded workouts, feature certified coaches and teachers, range from beginner to expert level, and can be up to five minutes or up to an hour long. And the fact that you broadcast your workout on a reflective surface means you can check your form as you work out (or just check yourself).

Buying high-tech fitness equipment might seem like a major commitment, but given the Mirror’s huge workout selection, you’re more than likely to find your fitness goals reflected (pun intended) in at least one of its categories. This might not be the best option if you’re on a budget, but if you’ve been tempted by the Mirror’s offerings (or want to turn your home into a makeshift fitness studio with just a few clicks on your phone. ), that a more than decent discount could mean that now is the time to take the plunge. For those still on the fence, mirror sales don’t come often, especially the ones that are so steep.

Until November 29, code BFCM21 will cost $ 500 and waive the cost of shipping and installing the mirror (which is a savings of $ 250). Simply enter the code at checkout to take advantage of the Mirror sale – and the brand’s 30-day free trial still applies with that discount, so you’ll have plenty of time to test drive the Mirror.


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