Mother offers delivery to three black infants, then dad takes a better look and bursts into tears


Mom gives birth to 3 black babies, then dad takes a closer look and bursts into tears

26.06.2023 11:47

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Racism has existed since the dawn of time. Defined as being a feeling of superiority that certain people may experience with regard to others, this scourge may in particular be due to beliefs of a different or even opposing nature, to religious or even cultural differences. Fortunately, many people decide to overcome these dissimilarities and live in harmony with each other. It is in this sense that we highlight the pleasantly surprising story of these young parents who decided to break the codes and adopt children of color without worrying about the opinion of others, but fate hid a nice surprise. A story relayed by our colleagues from Dailymail.


Anything that goes beyond the framework of human beings and their own vision of things will tend to destabilize them and cause them to feel frustrated which can be expressed in many ways, including the racist attitude with which they can deal his equal. And adopting a child from a different culture is not common. Adoption can be done in the usual way, or through embryo fostering.

What does this process consist of?

Embryo reception is intended for a couple with double infertility. Thus, the latter can benefit from a transfer of frozen embryos from the couple who donated the embryos.

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The reception of embryos is done according to standards governed by law in France, including:

– The two parts of the couple wishing to benefit from embryos are required to sign a consent testifying to their volunteering;

– The donor couple and the recipient couple will not be able to get to know each other;

– This operation is done without any financial consideration.

A couple decided to proceed with the adoption of the embryo and for this they chose two African-American embryos, frozen for more than 15 years.

A story that makes you smile

In 2017, a couple of future young parents made a decision that was not the least and that would change their lives: to start, adopt 2 black children. Aaron and Rachel Halbert’s action was driven by the desire and conviction to provide a home for these children since white children were much more likely to find homes and adoptive families.

“The beauty of a multi-ethnic family is that it’s the differences that make us richer and more complete. It pushes you to think differently about the way you see things, speak, act and live,” says the father of the family with tears of emotion.

The young couple loved children but had a problem with infertility. They heard about the National Embryo Donation Center, an embryo bank. It was then that Rachel had the idea of ​​resorting to the implantation of two African-American embryos. The surprise was great when they learned that one of the implanted embryos had split and that the young parents would now welcome triplets instead of the twins they were expecting.

It was with great trepidation that Rachel and Aaron returned home remembering the many times they had been victims of racism because of their children who were considered to be  » different « . However, the situation did not discourage them and in no way changed their first desire to become parents. The action of these young parents restores the strength to continue and to have faith in humanity.

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