Mother miraculously recovered after 34 operations attributable to lethal micro organism consuming her pores and skin


Her name is Aurélie Léonard. This mother from Haute-Savoie can finally breathe after having lived a real nightmare. Doctors say she is a miracle after battling deadly infections including necrotizing fasciitis, also known as « flesh-eating » bacteria. « . She had 34 operations and spent 33 days in a coma. Today she is healed.

34 operations and 33 days in a coma. The doctors feared the worst. But Aurélie Léonard is a fighter and she survived both a rare and flesh-eating bacteria and a deadly fungus, mucormycosis. It all started on December 23, 2020.

The 38-year-old athletic mom had shoulder pain and a fever. The Covid-19 test comes back negative and his doctor thinks of a breakdown. A few hours later, she vomits and two days later, it is a big bruise under her armpit that appears.

She explained to Ouest France:

« It was weird because I had been told about muscle pain and I hadn’t taken any hits there. It was all illogical. »

She therefore goes to the emergency room and will eventually stay there for 10 long months. The strange hematoma continues to progress:

« The doctors were drawing lines in pencil to observe the evolution. In reality, my tissues were dying. […] the results of the blood tests were catastrophic « .

Nobody understands what she has and it is in a very critical state that she is transferred urgently to Annecy. It is there that she learns that she is suffering from the flesh-eating disease. His chances of survival are 50% and there is a great risk of amputation.

« To put it plainly, my tissues were rotting. I still don’t know how I got infected and we’ll never know. »

Aurélie is operated on and plunged into an artificial coma for 33 years. His relatives learn as much as possible, determined to help him, and discover that there is a hyperbaric chamber treatment used in Canada in particular. To benefit from this, Aurélie was taken to the Édouard-Herriot hospital in Lyon.

In addition to the bacteria, doctors also discover that Aurélie also has to fight a deadly fungus, mucormycosis, presumably caught in the hospital.

In the end, before coming out of the coma, Aurélie underwent 34 operations, a tracheotomy, intubations and a breast, three ribs and a lung were removed. She wakes up thinking she was assaulted and has to stay for months in a rehabilitation center to relearn how to eat, walk and even speak.

In September, she was finally able to find her home and is now dedicated to rebuilding it. His struggle continues and we send him our full support. Do not hesitate to follow her on the « Support For Aurélie Leonard » group and never forget to enjoy life.

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