Most Frequent Causes of Knee Ache


The knee is the largest joint in the body, and knee pain is a common complaint in all age groups. This can be due to a wide range of causes, including a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or an underlying medical condition.

The location and severity of knee pain vary depending on the root cause. The thigh bone (femur) and the leg bones (fibula and tibia) make up the knee joint. Structures found in or around the knee joint include discs (menisci), cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Signs and symptoms that may accompany knee pain include swelling, stiffness, redness, warmth, weakness, instability, popping or cracking noises, fever, and decreased range of motion (inability to fully extend or flex the knee).

The 10 most common causes of knee pain are …

1. Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as runner’s knee, is a common cause of knee pain in runners. It can also strike those who engage in activities that require repetitive knee bending, such as biking, climbing, and jumping. Symptoms of this syndrome may include pain behind or around the kneecap (kneecap), pain when flexing the knee, pain that worsens when walking down or downhill, swelling of the knee or clicking or squealing sensations in the knee.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome can affect one or both knees. It can be caused by overuse (repetitive bending, high-tension exercises or over-stretched tendons), direct trauma (fall or blow), misalignment of the kneecap or other bones in the leg, foot problems (hypermobility, fallen arches or flat feet), and weakness in the thigh muscles or other muscle imbalance. Treatment for the syndrome may include rest, ice, compression, elevation, anti-inflammatory drugs, stretching and strengthening exercises, and arch supports or shoe orthotics.

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