Most Widespread Indicators of Stressed Leg Syndrome


2. Want to move

You should get up and walk around periodically when you have a desk job, but people with RLS will be advised to do so when the sensations in their legs become too hard to ignore. Moving your legs will usually reduce the urge, at least for a little while.

National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood said People with RLS will often find themselves « shaking » their legs, pacing, walking, stretching, flexing, turning or even rubbing their limbs for relief.

3. Moving brings relief

An important thing to keep in mind is that people with RLS will usually get immediate relief by giving in to the urge to move, Remarks the Cleveland Clinic. If you don’t get relief while moving, you may be dealing with something else.

The problem can be especially troublesome for those who have office jobs, drive long distances, or sit in a movie theater. The problem can get worse at night.

4. Symptoms get worse later in the day points out that while you probably experience RLS during the day (sometimes severely), it becomes more bothersome at night. In fact, adds the source, « Worsening of symptoms at night is another of the necessary criteria for a diagnosis of RLS. »

If your RLS is not worse at night, it may not be RLS at all. These symptoms may continue to get worse, even when you are trying to relax and getting ready to fall asleep.

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