Mom elephant doesn’t hesitate to take revenge after a crocodile assaults her cub


This crocodile probably thought he had found an easy meal when he started stalking an elephant calf. But he shouldn’t have done that.

Hans Henrik Haahr, a Danish tourist, was on safari in Zambia when he saw a terrible scene unfold in front of him.

A fierce mother elephant had spotted a crocodile. According to the Daily Mail, the reptile was targeting its young. It was the last bad decision this crocodile would ever have made.

The elephant violently attacks the crocodile. A Nile crocodile is a very impressive predator, but not up to the level of an adult elephant.

The brutal battle is short. It quickly becomes clear that the crocodile doesn’t stand a chance. The rest of the herd calmly watch as the reptile is treated like a rag doll.

The safari company described the shocking confrontation as follows: « While these images may be difficult to view, they show how harsh and harsh life is in the bush. »

It also shows what mothers will do to protect their children, regardless of animal species. There is no place as dangerous as between a mother and her child. The crocodile paid for this lesson with his life.

Warning: The images below may offend your sensitivity.

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