Mom exhibits son-in-law the household photograph album – freezes when she realizes who her daughter goes to marry


We all probably dream of finding that special someone.

The one who will always be there, through thick and thin, and who will truly be our best friend.

You could say that’s what Heidi (formerly Parker) and Ed Savitt went through when they found each other.

They quickly realized that they loved each other very much.

But it wasn’t until years later that they learned they’d met before, when Heidi’s mother found an unexpected photo at home, the English newspaper reports. The Sun.

Throughout a lifetime, you may have a chance to find the love of your life.

And once the person has been found, it’s important to hang on.

If you also believe in fate, you may also feel like you’ve already met your girlfriend at some point.

Maybe in another life if you believe it or maybe earlier in this one.

And it would actually be a coincidence that the couple Ed and Heidi Savitt, now married, met at a young age.

They met as adults when they were both students at Newcastle University, England.

In fact, they lived in the same house, although there was a small distance between them.

Contacted on Facebook

But perhaps by chance or fate, Ed contacted Heidi because he needed her help with a very mundane thing.

“He didn’t know how to use the washing machine in the student apartment. He found a post with my name on it, realized I had lived there the year before and thought I could help him, ”she tells The Sun.

It was 2011 and they could never have imagined that they had actually met before, but many years before.

A few days later, they ran into each other at a party and Ed and Heidi started talking to each other.

The chemistry between them was extremely strong and since then they haven’t stopped dating.

Four years later, they took the big step and got engaged after a romantic court planned by Ed.

The couple were now ready to start their life together.

Unexpected encounter in childhood

Months later, they find out the truth – in a completely unexpected way.

Their respective mothers had gathered for a dinner when they started discussing various vacation trips they had taken.

“My mom came out of nowhere and said. When you were on vacation in Turkey and you were little, you had a boyfriend named Ed, ”says Heidi.

« She sent me a picture and it was my Ed. I couldn’t believe it… we were all totally amazed. »

Very true, in the photo Heidi and Ed were seen together on vacation in 1997

It was not until 16 years later that they would find themselves in a student residence.

“I don’t remember meeting Ed when I was a kid, but according to the photos, we spent a lot of time together on our vacation. He told his parents and they dug up photos of him at the same time ”.

In August 2016, they got married, and they are extremely happy that they can now live together as married couples.

The fact that they’ve already met when they were kids is of course a magical story to tell to everyone they meet.

We wish you the best! Congratulations for you and for the love!

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