my 3 Options To Make Them Disappear.


Pimples… a plague when they settle on our face.

I unearthed just for you 3 simple, natural and economical tips to stop a pimple.

Our first instinct would be to go and stand in front of the mirror, pull out our claws and blow up whoever is responsible.

Bad idea: by piercing it, you risk giving birth to a pretty colony of pimples, causing redness and inflammation that will go even less unnoticed. So what to do to stop a pimple from growing?

Calm down, wash your hands properly, and use one of these tricks to make a growing pimple disappear.

1. The button that lands

So what to put on a button that pushes?

Before going to bed if one of these damn pimples appears, I applyvanilla flavoring above to stop the arrival of a button.

But since not everyone has this at home, another trick is to apply a little toothpaste to the unborn pimple overnight.

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By morning, it should have started to subside.

One should no longer feel this discomfort caused by the growth of an imperfection.

This is an effective trick to stop a pimple from growing.

2. The button that squats the face

To stop its progression, you can apply a little fresh lemon juice on it.

Slightly antiseptic, the lemon will dry out this unsightly pimple without irritating it.

Error to avoid: put alcohol. Alcohol irritates, dries out the skin but does not affect the imperfection in any way. So to avoid ending up with a huge red mark and an even bigger pimple, say no to alcohol! 😉

3. Attack treatment for stubborn pimple

Acetylsalicylic acid is used. What? It is the active principle of aspirin, a molecule often found in the composition of anti-blemish care formulas. It is effective in removing a growing pimple.

So, we take an aspirin tablet, or a sachet of Aspégic, which we will mix with a little yogurt, respecting these proportions: 1 pinch of Aspro for a teaspoon of yogurt nature.

The paste obtained, I apply it to the imperfection to be treated. Leave on for about 10 minutes, while the mixture dries. This very practical solution should only be used in an emergency.

How it works ? Aspirin, a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, fights the bacteria responsible for the pimple and helps it to resorb. Be careful though, this treatment has a very effective drying action which can be harmful to your skin in the long term.

So no abuse, we only use it if the button is really there!

To prevent their reappearance, I use an anti-acne lotion based on parsley, thyme and lemon balm for daily cleansing.

And for pimples on the buttocks? I advise you to read these natural remedies that work right away.

Your turn…

Surely you have some natural tips to share with us against pimples. Or are you looking for a natural solution? Do not hesitate to talk about it with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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