My High 8 Concealer Ideas Tried and Authorised!


I don’t like looking tired or depressed at all, because of the nasty dark circles that appear under my eyes!

I list you my 8 favorite tips to get rid of these annoying people!

the small ring of passage, the one that appears after a restless night (baby is teething?), when the previous ones were restful, is not very serious, and recovers very quickly.

Tip #1

Quite simply with only two teaspoons of jelly I apply on my eyesI get rid of it in a few minutes, and in addition the feeling of cold wakes me up as soon as I get out of bed!

Dark circles after a few days

dark circles on some cheeks

Several nights without much sleep, the result is there: the small dark circles, which were rather discreet the first morning, are getting longer. There are two alternatives for this:

Tip 2

After my breakfast, I relax on my sofa, and I apply two sachets of cooled tea, then slices of cucumber on my eyes…


Tip 3

If I don’t have these ingredients, I take the mixture that I prepared the day before, made of yogurt, coffee grounds and lemon, and I apply it as a mask for 1/4 hour.

Dark circles that become chronic

chronic dark circles

So there… No more choice! The basic treatment is essential! My dark circles are becoming real suitcases, because I haven’t been careful for several weeks, I lack sleep, last night I had a lot of grief, I cried all night… don’t panic!

I immediately start two very important tips, which go hand in hand: prevention and repair!

Tip 4

In prevention : I force myself to sleep at the same times, the same amount of sleep every night, as much as possible. At the end of 3 to 4 weeks, my body will have chosen this rhythm as the right sleeping rhythm. In addition, I eat fruits and vegetables and dairy products, forgetting coffee a little, especially after 3 p.m.

Tip 5

In repair : I adopt the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to be applied with a cotton ball, as a 2 to 3 weeks.

No more dark circles if possible

no dark circles

So I’ve summarized the best How-To-Save tips and tricks, which I’ve tested and approved. Now I give you my bonus tips and my solutions so that these schemers do not appear anymore.

Tip #6

I use the right products for my skin: antioxidant argan oil. It is therefore anti-wrinkle and gives a healthy glow, while deeply moisturizing the skin.

Tip 7

I tone it up; I remove her make-up every night (I force myself if I’m lazy), and I don’t hesitate to go without the water fresh twice a day.

Tip #8

I erase, I make masks, regularly, with simple and inexpensive ingredients, such as chocolate, Shea Butter Where jojoba oil.

There you go, you know the 8 home remedies for dark circles.

Your turn…

Have you tried these concealer tips? Let us know in the comments if they worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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