paper towel and washable wipes 0 waste!


More and more people are looking to limit waste and waste with the idea of ​​preserving the planet at their small level. As a result, paper towels and wipes, major sources of waste, are in the viewfinder. In addition, it also represents a fairly small budget. Because of course, the prices of these consumer products are affordable, but in the long term, this gives a very small sum when you put these expenses end to end! So to save and act on your scale, adopt washable wipes. They can be used daily both for cleaning and for removing make-up. And you can also make very soft ones for a baby’s toilet and make a useful gift to future parents who will certainly use these washcloths created with love by you. On the program: a little very easy sewing and much less filled bins!

And if you have the time, also consider making reusable waxed packaging to avoid cling film and aluminum foil.

What’s needed :

  • A sewing machine or the necessary to sew by hand
  • Absorbent sponge or honeycomb fabric
  • Cotton fabric with a print you like
  • Optional: snaps and a paper towel holder if you want to make yourself a roll. In addition, it also allows you to lose less space, so it’s practical!

Steps :

1) All washable wipes will require one side of each fabric. Thus, they will have to be cut to the same dimensions! Count approximately:

  • 25 x 25 or 25 x 30 cm for paper towel
  • 10 x 10 for a wipe
  • 10 x 15 for toilet paper

Sometimes the terry cloth can pill a bit if you don’t overcast it first (not required). It’s normal ! But then, do your sewing on an easy-to-clean table.

2) Then layer your fabrics place to place and hold in place with needles. Sew around about a centimeter from the edge leaving an opening of 5 cm so that you can then return.

how to sew your own washable wipes
YouTube screenshot of Vanessa Salaun’s channel

To have nice straight angles, stop sewing with the needle down in the fabric. Then raise the presser foot and pivot the fabric before lowering it and continuing to sew.

3) Trim the excess fabric on the edges as well as the angles. Then return your wash wipes.

washable wipes cut corners before flipping
YouTube screenshot of Vanessa Salaun’s channel

4) Finally, pass an iron to flatten your washable wipes and redo a straight seam 3 or 5 mm from the edge. This will close our opening left earlier, provide good support and look nicer.

sew your washable wipes on the place
YouTube screenshot of Vanessa Salaun’s channel

5) If you wish, you can then add snaps to create a real roll paper towel with your washable wipes!

paper towel roll in washable wipes
YouTube capture of the HGTV channel

The maintenance of these washable wipes:

They wash themselves in a net like delicate laundry. And after, head to the machine with the rest of the laundry. It’s as simple as that ! In case of big stains, you can try to clean them like washable cottons. A good hot bath with soda crystals should indeed change everything.

To see the process in pictures, we refer you to this video from Karoline Création’s YouTube channel:

We also really liked this video by Vanessa Salaun from which the images in the article are taken:

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