Peloton Row 2022: The house bike model has simply launched a modern, high-tech rowing machine


Today Peloton, the brand behind your favorite home exercise bike and treadmill, launched Peloton Row, further proof that the brand is ready, willing and ready to take over the industry. cardio fitness. Peloton is on a mission to change the way people think about indoor rowing and make it a more fun, popular and effective whole-body workout.

The highly anticipated rower is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship in early December. As your resident SELF shopping writer, I’m bound to remind you that now is *the chef’s kiss* for holiday gifts. We’ve rounded up all the details on Peloton’s latest launch below.

Peloton Row Specifications:

The rower takes up approximately 16 square feet of floor space, with a nearly 24-inch HD touchscreen, ergonomic seat, and folding arm for compact storage. If you have the home gym space, this piece of fitness equipment is decidedly stylish – you might not even want to to store it.

What kind of workouts can you do with Peloton Row?

Of course, with the Peloton rower, you’ll have access to hundreds of low-impact, high-intensity rowing classes. You can choose between scenic rides or Row Bootcamp (which combines floor workouts with rowing). Beyond rowing, All Access membership gives you access to Peloton’s live class library and on-demand workouts in all categories, like yoga, Pilates, barre, weight training, etc

What are the main features of the Peloton rowing machine?

Forms Help and Forms Rating

Perhaps the least glamorous but most exciting features of Peloton Row are Form Assist and Form Rating. One of the biggest problems with traditional home workouts is that there’s no one around to correct your form, which puts you at a higher risk of injury. Form Assist gives real-time visual feedback based on sensor data, so you know how and what to adjust. Form Rating + Insights gives you a post-class breakdown of your form, along with tips for improving yourself and your overall performance metrics like distance, pace, and stroke rate.

vertical storage

For anyone who doesn’t have a dedicated home gym or a large space like a garage or basement to keep a rower outdoors, this feature is essential. While many competing rowers lack the ability to be stored upright, the Peloton rower (which has front wheels for easy maneuvering) does. It comes with a handy wall anchor and tie downs to ensure your machine stays secure until the next time you train.

silent whisper

You may be familiar with rowers like the Ergatta rower that use water or air resistance. Both are quite loud, although newer models (like the Hydrow) have managed to keep the sound to a minimum. Peloton’s rower is exceptionally quiet, thanks to electronically controlled resistance and an ultra-thin, smooth belt.


Like Peloton Tread and Peloton Bike+, Row gives you the ability to see the standings for each class. If you’re a competitive person, this feature will help you keep your performance on top of your game and might even earn you recognition from your favorite instructor.

Swivel screen

The touchscreen swivels to make it easier for you to jump from the rower to the floor for bootcamp, yoga, barre and other workouts. Plus, there are speakers on the front and back of the screen, so you never miss key instructions.

How much does Peloton Row cost?

There are four different levels to choose from when purchasing the Peloton rowing machine. The rower plus warranty starts at $3,195 and goes up to $3,570 from there, depending on which accessory pack you add. A Peloton All Access subscription is separate and starts at $44 per month. If you already have a Peloton Bike, Tread or Guide, you can share your membership with all gear.

Platoon Basics

Platoon Basics

The no-frills Peloton Row base kit includes the rowing machine, plus a 12-month warranty. It’s ideal for people who already have a full home gym setup or own a Peloton bike with accessories. Expected shipment early December 2022.

Platoon Row Starter

Platoon Row Starter

The starter package adds a Peloton water bottle and padded row mat for less than $100 more. Expected shipment early December 2022.

Peloton Row Select

Peloton Row Select

With the Peloton Row Select, you’ll get an extra workout mat, dumbbells (you can choose between 5 and 30 pounds), and a heart rate band. This set is good for the person who wants their rowing machine to be their all-inclusive one-stop-shop for their workouts. Expected shipment early December 2022.

Peloton Row Ultimate

Peloton Row Ultimate

The largest set in the Peloton Row family, the Ultimate includes everything in the Select, plus two more sets of dumbbells, a yoga block and a yoga strap. Expected shipment early December 2022.


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