Folks with blood sort O are distinctive


Our blood type is one of the elements that differentiates us from each other and has a great influence on our personality and our state of health. In addition to determining our main character traits, it also helps identify possible diseases to which we are predisposed. In this article, we will focus on the O blood group, its characteristics, and the things you absolutely need to know about this very special group.

People with O blood type play a very important role in society, as they are universal donors. This is because all other blood groups – namely A, B, and AB – can receive a donation of blood from it, without any rejection reaction being triggered. This absence of antigens, responsible for immune reactions, is extremely practical and life-saving in an emergency. However, people with O blood type can only receive blood from O blood donors. Important information to know which could one day save your life.
But besides this gift, what are the other characteristics of this special group?

A distinguished personality

In Japan, the blood group is of particular importance, so much so that some employers ask their candidates to specify theirs, in order to determine their personality type.. According to a study carried out in the same country, people with blood type O are characterized by their increased sense of organization and responsibility, their commitment, concentration and conscientious work. They are also known for their highly developed sense of direction and unstoppable logic.

But like all other personalities, this one does not only have qualities. In fact, the involvement of people with blood type O in work can sometimes turn into dependence, and the build-up of tensions can cause them to lose control or have a temporary nervous breakdown. They can also show arrogance, coldness or even insensitivity.

A specific health capital

Several studies highlight an existing link between blood and health. While this correlation requires further research to be confirmed, the findings suggest a link between blood type and disease predisposition.

Also according to this research, people in the O negative group are less likely to have cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, men belonging to the two rhs of this group would have a greater risk of suffering from obesity.

Also, according to Peter d’Adamo, an American naturopath, there is a link between each person’s blood type and their dietary needs. Although this finding is not established on scientific evidence, Adamo, after several internships in spa centers in Europe, observed how spa guests reacted to the vegan diet they used to follow. The latter then assumed that blood is the main carrier of nutrients and decided to analyze the blood group of his patients and experiment on them the effect of different diets.

Peter d’Adamo believes that the best diet for blood type O is a diet high in protein, including lean meats, legumes and nuts.

Even though the genetic makeup of blood group O generally predicts a long life full of health, productivity and optimism, people in this group still need to make an effort to take care of their bodies and maintain their health. It is therefore recommended that they avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, because they cause an increase in the level of adrenaline, which is naturally high in them.

In addition, regular physical activity, 3 to 4 times a week, would help them keep their body healthy by promoting the elimination of various wastes and toxins accumulated in the bloodstream.

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