Petting a Canine is Higher for Your Coronary heart Than Purple Wine or Chocolate, Examine Says


On the other hand, you will be surprised to know the results of a very serious study carried out in Missouri in the United States.

This study showed that petting your dog for only 15 mins has the same benefits for your health than drinking red wine or eating chocolate…

So it’s only fair that we spoil our animals since they help us stay in shape!

Here’s how the study was done

50 dog owners and 50 people who didn’t have a dog were put in a room for 15 minutes, with their own dog, a dog he didn’t know and a « robot » dog.

During each session, each person quietly stroked each of the dogs present.

Blood samples were taken from each person and from the dogs at the start and end of the experiment. Their blood pressure was also checked every 5 min.

It results from this experiment that the blood pressure of dog owners fell 10% on average after petting their own dogs.

On the other hand, no change was noted after they petted the dog that did not belong to them or the robot dog.

How dogs put us in a good mood

Why petting a dog is good for your health

What was even more telling is that the serotonin levels in the blood increased when the subjects petted their own dogs.

While at the same time, these levels didn’t move when petting the unknown dog and even went down with the robot dog.

This is an important finding, as serotonin is believed by researchers to be a chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance. Clearly, a lack of serotonin can lead to depression.

According to Dr. Alan Beckdirector of a center that studies the interactions between humans and animals at purdue university in the United States, rising serotonin levels reveal just how much having a pet can improve our health.

“This study shows that there is a physiological mechanism promoting relaxation when you are with an animal. This mechanism is comparable to other phenomena known to promote relaxation, like chocolate says Dr. Beck.

Be healthier and even lose a little weight!

It is no coincidence that dog owners are generally in better health than the rest of the population.

Pets improve our mood, but not only.

They also help us to be healthier and to lose weight, because they encourage us to be more active by taking them for a walk every day.

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Your turn…

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