Police warn individuals who discover a 50 euro banknote on the windshield


Many traps exist either for car-jacking methods or for kidnappings. More and more creative, some thugs lack neither imagination nor inspiration to usurp others. While it’s nothing new, the 50 euro bill scam continues to wreak havoc. On its Twitter account, the national police shared a prevention message to raise awareness about this type of practice. So, before getting into your car, take the time to check that nothing has been slipped under your windshield.


The method is well established. You park in a car park, preferably in a corner isolated from the passage or with reduced visibility (half-light, poles, etc.). Once parked, you get off to do your errands or any other activity that brings you to this parking lot. You do this without worrying about your car or what might happen to you in that parking lot.

Meanwhile, the thugs who watched you descend wait patiently after setting their trap. They usually position themselves within sight to take action when you arrive.

When you return to your vehicle, you may not notice anything in particular at first glance. You will store your groceries or other packages in the trunk or in the back then stand at the driver’s station. All this without noticing that you are being watched.

As a rule, you are in your driving position, the door locking is not yet activated. You slip the key into the ignition without paying attention to this car where people are watching you. The engine kicks in and you notice a 50 euro bill on the windshield.

What do you do ? Puzzled, you get out of the vehicle. The trap is closing in on you. You’ve probably left the ignition on and the sound of the engine masks the sound of the two doors slamming in that famous other car. And then you are in a parking lot, the noise of doors does not represent a danger in itself so you do not pay attention.

The two (or more) thugs walk towards you as you watch this post that seems to fall from the sky. Attracted by the greed, most victims do not notice the presence of the crooks. The trap then closes when they flee in the vehicle.

1 – Car-jacking

The assailant throws you to the ground, gets into your car and storms off. You’ve just been trapped in a car theft. BFM TV reports that in 2018, the police and the gendarmerie had registered 93,400 complaints of car theft. Electronic theft is the theft experiencing the greatest upsurge in 2016. This method consists of programming a blank key to replace the user’s key, but computer skills are required unlike the jewel-on-the-car method. -broken. In total, 300 vehicles are stolen per day on national territory.

2 – Burglary of your home without breaking and entering

The attacker also throws you to the ground in this method, gets into your car, and storms off. You have just been trapped but for a theft at your home. The keys of your car being linked to those of your home, thieves use the information present in the car (registration card, license or home address pre-recorded in the GPS). They enter your home without breaking in and can leave with whatever they want.

3 – Physical attack

The thugs take you by force either in their vehicle or in yours. Their objective is an attack on your person either for human trafficking or for pimping. According to the newspaper La Croix, the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights drew up a sad report of 420 cases of trafficking during the year 2013. While 150 worrying disappearances are reported per day in France.

To avoid finding yourself in such situations, the national police provide some wise advice:

· Check that nothing has been placed on your windshield before getting into your vehicle.

Never leave your car with the keys in the ignition, even for a short time

· If you notice suspicious behavior from someone prowling around your car, immediately contact the police by dialing 17.

Stay vigilant!

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