Postpartum melancholy in males: signs, causes, and therapy


The diagnostic criteria are for women

Healthline notes that aside from the challenge of men not to talk about how they feel during the postpartum period, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders only considers postpartum symptoms to confirm PPD. Therefore, the criteria are specific to women, she explains.

However, major depression can be diagnosed in men and the signs include disruption in sleeping and eating habits, loss of interest in joyful activities, reduced cognitive function and concentration, and lethargy. Men with PPD may also feel guilty or have thoughts of harming themselves, the source adds. He explains that having four or more of these symptoms for 2 or more weeks can suggest depression.

There are self-help techniques

First of all, be aware that PPD in men (and women) is a serious condition that should be treated by a healthcare professional. However, that said, has a few suggestions that may help alleviate symptoms related to the disease.

For example, the site explains that men who show signs of PPD should exercise regularly, as well as try meditation and yoga to reduce stress. Other suggestions include healthy eating, more (quality) sleep, and logging, which can help you sort out your feelings and solve problems.


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