Highly effective pure egg yolk shampoo recipe for dandruff and hair loss


The majority of women take care of their hair and want to switch to homemade hair care and shampoo to be sure of the results.

For hair growth, it is recommended to mix two egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of the hair growth dye combination and 4 tablespoons of water so as to homogenize the components.

It is necessary to prepare a hair growth tincture consisting of nettle, burdock, chili and birch in equal proportions.

Once you apply this mixture, you will notice a slight lather like the shampoo.

Thoroughly and vigorously massage the hairline, then rinse immediately, without letting the mixture dry. This rinse is extremely important, because it must be done with plenty of water and a little warmer, 2 to 3 times more conscientiously than with commercial shampoos.

Many people, especially those who are not used to rinsing well or have oily hair, do not believe that this preparation can clean and degrease hair.

On the other hand, this preparation cleans, nourishes your hair and makes dandruff disappear as long as you do not forget to rinse them thoroughly.

You will notice the results after 2 or 3 uses.

For the treatment to be effective, however, you must refrain from using commercial shampoos, at least for a few months (2 to 6 months). The use of this preparation should be resumed periodically and avoid using ordinary shampoos.

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