Precursors of prediabetes ! Early Warning Signs. Don’t ignore this symptoms


Frequent yeast infections

Yeast and bacteria are able to multiply at a faster rate when a person’s blood sugar level is high, which is why women with diabetes are more likely to suffer from yeast infections. “Women with diabetes are overall at higher risk for female health problems, such as bacterial infections, yeast infections and vaginal thrush, especially when blood sugar levels are not well controlled,” writes Everyday Health. Of course, people with prediabetes who are unaware of their condition are likely to have unmanaged blood sugar levels. Women who regularly suffer from yeast infections might consider being screened for (pre) diabetes.

The men are not totally off the hook either. The source adds that men and women with diabetes are also susceptible to foot infections, « because the disease can damage the architecture of the foot, including the skin, blood vessels and nerves. » However, this is more likely in people with advanced diabetes.

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