Placing espresso grounds within the pipes: good or dangerous thought?


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Over the course of our publications, we have repeatedly explained to you how useful coffee grounds can be and therefore should not be thrown in the trash. Many of us use this wonderful green manure in our garden or recycle it daily in various forms. However, one of these recyclings divides. Indeed, we often hear that you have to put coffee grounds in your pipes to replace products to unclog the sink based on chemicals. To this, some people respond that this product can actually make blockages worse and should therefore be avoided. In this article, let’s untangle the true from the false!

What are the coffee grounds used for in the pipes?

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A helper to clean the pipes

We hardly suspect it, but coffee grounds have a real degreasing power. It is therefore excellent as a replacement for other maintenance products for cleaning and removing materials that it is not likely to stain. To stay in the field of the kitchen, we can for example quite consider using it to scrub very dirty dishes or remove grease stains in a sink. However, its slightly abrasive power also contributes to the cleanliness of the pipes.

Help to deodorize the pipe

Like baking soda, white vinegar or even lemon juice, coffee grounds are a excellent natural deodorant. It can be used in many ways: in the fridge, on the hands after cooking, etc. And above all, if there are unpleasant bad odors in your pipes, the coffee grounds will allow you to get rid of them very quickly and very effectively.

Coffee grounds to unclog sink drains

Too slow draining of stagnant water, gurgling noises, food residues that go back to the use of the dishwasher, blocked waste water, odors that develop, etc. To prevent problems in your sewage system, you can use coffee grounds. It can help get rid of a clogged sink… but only on the condition of being well used !

How to properly use coffee grounds in your drains

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Coffee grounds can quickly tend to become lipophilic (it attracts fat). This is why you should not only not abuse it, but also make sure to use it well. Already, it will absolutely not be suitable for dislodging large blockages in the pipes. In this case, it will be necessary to rely on more radical natural solutions against stagnant water. On the other hand, we can rely on it when the water has a little trouble evacuating or even on a daily basis, to prevent small clogs which could form.

To avoid making a mistake, emptying the entire contents of the coffee filter down the sink drain is out of the question! Put a tablespoon or two and rinse immediately with a long trickle of hot water or a liter of boiling water. The action of the grains and very hot water will allow the pipes to be maintained flawlessly and will prevent fatty deposits from adhering to the walls. In addition, this rinsing is crucial, because if it were to harden and dry out, the coffee grounds could on the other hand clog your ducts and do more good than harm.

You will have understood it: coffee grounds can be very beneficial on the condition of being well used and without abusing the quantities.

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