The reason why guys ought to do yoga


Unplug on the carpet

When was the last time you got unplugged, like truly unplugged, from your computer, your smartphone, and the endless multitude of text messages, calls, and emails that are pulling you in all directions. It’s easy to live life in hyper-drive, never really stopping to smell the preverbal roses, or rather, to see and appreciate the big picture, like the sheer joy of attempting and achieving a challenging pose.

Improve flexibility

Even though gaining flexibility is only a small part of yoga, for men who sit in the same chair, at the same desk, in the same office day after day, week after week, stretching those stiff muscles can improve overall flexibility, relieve joint and muscle pain, promote detoxification and better digestion.

Any guy in a job with repetitive physical stress can benefit from the flexibility offered by yoga.

Boost your bedroom antics

Have you ever thought about how stretching on your back on a yoga mat will translate into antics in your bedroom. You better bet regular yoga practice will improve your breathing, stamina, sexual energy level, flexibility, strength, and overall performance in the bag!

Additionally, yogis credit regular practice with the ability to establish a more intimate connection with your sexual partner.

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