Reese Witherspoon defined why turning 40 was fairly superior


As someone who has experienced many career and life pivots in the public eye, Reese Witherspoon has learned to let go of what other people think. And the more the years pass, the easier it becomes, she recently confided Harper’s Bazaar.

« I think you’re starting to realize that you have a limited amount of time to accomplish what you want to accomplish in this world, and worrying about what other people think about you is a waste of your precious time, » he said. he added. says the old actor and producer. « It’s a release in your 40s to feel free from other people’s opinions. I mean, they’re still there. They just don’t matter as much to you, and that’s a great feeling.

That attitude came in handy amid one of Witherspoon’s most recent pivots: a divorce from her second husband, Jim Toth, which they announced in a joint statement in March. Announcing the news was an experience a thousand leagues from that of his first divorce from ryan philippe in 2008, which was a tabloid treat, she explained. Still, as with any public split, it wasn’t easy, but her scholarly, laissez-faire approach kept her on track.

« There’s speculation, but I can’t control that, » she said. « All I can do is be my most honest and direct self and be vulnerable. It’s a vulnerable time for me.

In a 2021 interview with In the style, The morning show star opened up about how liberating it is to grow old. « I’m 45. I know who I want to spend time with and who I don’t. [want to spend time with], » she explained. « And that’s one of the great things about getting older — it frees up so much space. »

She continued: « I want to be with my mother, my children and the people who fill my tank. And to everyone else, I wish them well.

This ethos allows Witherspoon to continue to pile her life on with layered accomplishments, like her female-focused production company. Hello Sunshine and the funds she helped raise with Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement. It is also a feeling that is encouraged by his good friend and morning show costar Jennifer Aniston, who, at age 54, adopted him herself.

« There’s something about going into quarantine where you just say, ‘I don’t have to fight this anymore. I don’t care, » Aniston said. Harper’s Bazaar. “Are you fighting for your story? You are your story, so trust that.


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