Threat components for prostate most cancers


Prostate cancer is unfortunately a very common disease. It only affects men, with the vast majority of cases in men aged 40 or older. It is the most common type of cancer a man can get. Each year, hundreds of thousands of men in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is only a small fraction of the number of men who have it and go undiagnosed.

The signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are varied. Two-thirds of people with prostate cancer have no symptoms. When signs and symptoms first appear, they usually begin with urinary dysfunction. Problems can include painful urination, frequent urination, difficulty urinating, and the need to urinate at night. Blood may be apparent in your urine.

Sexual dysfunction is also a symptom of prostate cancer. Problems can include difficulty getting and keeping an erection and painful or bloody ejaculation. Depending on the location of the cancer, you may also experience bladder and colon incontinence.

As the cancer progresses, new, more noticeable signs and symptoms may appear. The cancer can spread to other parts of the body, causing havoc and pain. In the later stages of this disease, new symptoms may include bone pain and leg weakness.

Because prostate cancer can be hard to find due to a lack of signs and symptoms, it’s important to recognize risk factors. Here are 10 risk factors for prostate cancer. If you think you’re at risk for prostate cancer, talk to your doctor about additional testing and screening.


Age is a big factor in your risk of developing prostate cancer. The statistics are shocking. Thirty percent of men age 50 and older already have prostate cancer. About 80% of men over the age of 70 have prostate cancer or prostate-related problems. On average, the age of diagnosis of prostate cancer is 70 years old. Generally, the older the man, the higher the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Aggressive forms of prostate cancer can affect men at any age, but it is less common. If you are over 40, it would be a good idea to be proactive and get yourself checked out.

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