Safety digicam movies how visiting veteran helps thwart armed theft


A security camera captured the shocking moment a Marine Corps veteran helped foil an armed robbery.

The video below shows a customer standing at a gas station. Then two masked thieves enter. One of them points a gun at the person behind the cash register. He shouldn’t have done that.

The customer quickly drops his car keys, points the gun up, and knocks down the armed robber! The video is only eight seconds long and it all happened in the blink of an eye.

The other robber immediately flees, as does his accomplice, who is waiting outside in a car. The client turned out to be a Marine Corps veteran.

The incident took place in the early morning of October 20 in Yuma, Arizona.

Agents reached out to the client and asked how he stayed so cold, his explanation was as follows: « The Marine Corps taught me not to play games. »

The armed robber was arrested and turned out to be a minor, police said on Facebook. The other two are still at large and are actively wanted by the police.

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